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Full Episode Summary

From Barbra Streisand's pink metallic Emmy dress to Margaret Cho's peacock inspired Grammy gown, celebrities love to shock us with their sense of style. And we love to watch. Tune into VH1 as it once again turns those fashion don'ts into a hysterical hour-long special recounting the most infamous outfits of recent memory. All Access: Awesomely Badder Fashion will profile the actors, musicians, athletes and comedians who have unleashed frightful frocks upon the public, and explore the stories behind what made them do it.

Esteemed luminaries like Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Omarosa, Sharon Stone and of course, Lil Kim will all make appearances in some of the following categories: I Love Short Shorts, which will look at the barely-there bottoms of Britney Spears and Bai Ling. Poncho Problemo, a cautionary tale about the often overwhelming cover-ups favored by Kelly Osbourne and Lenny Kravitz and of course, I Stole This Dress From My Kid Sister, a new look where celebs, such as Mariah Carey and Chloe Sevigny, squeeze themselves into outfits better suited for those under the age of ten.

All Access: Awesomely Badder Fashion will consult a panel of comedians and fashionistas to comment on the poor style choices of the very, very famous. The pundits will assist in telling the stories surrounding the spectacles, providing pertinent narrative lines and lending substance to the flash in the meantime.

So come celebrate the spandex, tiaras and tablecloth couture of the rich and famous and join VH1 in asking the age old question, "What were they thinking?"