Full Episode Summary

Paris was born stinking rich. Nothing wrong with that. She's also beautiful, famous and a hell of a lot smarter than you think. But Paris' greatest skill is her uncanny ability to shock the pants off of just about everyone. Including, apparently, herself. From her infamous sex video to the mysterious bruises all over her body, the only thing predictable about Paris is her unpredictability. It's time to sit back and explore all the outrageous things that make Paris the kind of girl you can't get enough of.

With her roles as a reality star, author and "It" girl, her shocking moments just keep on coming. We'll find out the real reason why Paris trademarked her phrase "That's hot" and why one of the richest girls on earth was accused of petty theft. This one hour special will also reveal what happened when her dog Tinkerbell got lost and found.

All Access: Paris' Most Shocking will consult a panel of comedians, journalists, and Paris scholars to explain why the world's most talked about heiress stirs up so much emotion, jealousy and overall wonderment.

So come celebrate the shocking life of Paris Hilton and join VH1 in asking the age old question, "What will she do next?"