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  1.   VH1 All Access: Totally Mad Celebrity Beefs

    Someone's always feuding in Hollywood. Find out who stole who's boyfirend and what gets celebrities pissed.

    Air Date: 2/02/06

Full Episode Summary

Celebrities can do lots of things. But play nice? That's not one of them. Time to watch celebs throw down once again in VH1's hour-long brawl-a-thon titled All Access: More Awesome Celeb Beefs. It's the third installment of the channel's feuds series, and this one's gonna be the biggest, nastiest one yet, full of jealousy, deceit, disrespect and, occasionally, actual fisticuffs. You know, all the good stuff.

Here are the kinds of delicious battles you'll see in the show:

TV Tiffs: It's the thing dreams are made of. Tune in to see the ever present and entertaining talk show tiffs. Spinmeister Bill O'Reilly takes on politically minded actor George Clooney and Jon Stewart vs. Tucker Carlson.Somebody please make sure they clean out the greenroom quick!

The Paris Wars: No one's done more feudin' lately than tabloid queen Paris Hilton. She's mixed it up with Hailey Duff, and is still trying to tackle TV's resident tough girl Shannen Doherty - this vixen just can't stop.

Elton vs. Everyone: OK, maybe Elton's given Paris a run for her money. At least he only goes toe-to-toe with A-listers, like Madonna and George Michael.

Pop Tart Pranksters: What would a show about celebrity feuds be without a couple of teeny bobber temptresses reeking havoc all over Hollywood? Witness Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan's attempts to date each others boyfriends,' sabotage each others movie premieres and even use the art of song to get back at one another. Watch out ladies-sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!!!

Family Feuds: There's no warfare nastier than the intra-family kind. Britney Spears has moved from the top of the charts to the grocery isle; despite a self imposed "retirement" Britney can't seem to keep herself out of the public's eye as we take a closer look at her fairy-tail marriage.

Rap Beefs: Always a fantastic source of celebrity ill will, the rap world hasn't disappointed. R. Kelly vs. Jay-Z and who could forget that fantastic brawl where Dr. Dre was jumped at the Vibe Awards. Good to know some things don't change.

Celebs Take on 'The Help': As if celebs don't have to face enough slings and arrows from their fellow stars-wait a minute here comes the makeup artist, J. Lo's locking horns with the man who gave her her special "Glo."

Sports Feuds: On the court, in the stands, in the press ... the game is now officially not half as interesting as stuff like Kobe Bryant's ongoing war of words with former teammate Shaquille O'Neal. These two b-ball stars go at it.