Full Episode Summary

Anna Nicole Smith was born to be in the spotlight. She's voluptuous, spontaneous, and completely insane. She's been a reality star, a gold-digger and a pin-up girl. And she's definitely done more than her share of partying.

Anna Nicole's greatest skill? Her uncanny ability to shock the hell out of everyone. From her bizarre marriage to a man 63 years her senior to her semi-disturbing reality show, you never know what Anna Nicole's gonna do next. Now VH1 has compiled all her most outrageous moments in the half-hour special All Access: Anna Nicole's Most Shocking.

We'll get the story behind Anna Nicole's drunken appearance on the American Music Awards. We'll see her dramatic transformation from busty Texas stripper to bursting-at-the-seams reality star to slimmed down Trim Spa beauty. We'll find out why she just can't keep her clothes on. And we'll reveal the bizarre scene that played out at her husband's funeral, when she donned a wedding dress and sang "Wind Beneath My Wings."

A panel of comedians, journalists and Anna Nicole scholars will explain why the world's most talked about train wreck stirs up so much emotion, confusion and wonderment.

So come celebrate the shocking exploits of Anna Nicole Smith. It's gonna be a wild ride with one of Hollywood's boldest, blondest, battiest personalities.