Full Episode Summary

"Why is Michael Jackson wearing his pajamas tocourt?", "What is Mariah Carey doing in that wedding gown?", "Who is responsible for dressing the Olsen twins?" If these are the kind of questions you ask yourself, then VH1 has got just the show for you. While it's no secret that celebrities love to break the unwritten laws of fashion, they've truly outdone themselves in 2005.

All Access: Awesomely Bad Celeb Fashion will highlight the most recent A-list celebrity fashion disasters. Whether these stars were working the red carpet or just strolling down a sidewalk, they uncorked a whole new batch of appalling outfits this year. And now it's time to take a gentle look back at this slew of new head scratchers.

All Access: Awesomely Bad Celeb Fashion will celebrate these bold but ultimately misguided fashion choices through cleverly-themed segments, fun bumpers and a few inventive field pieces. Everyone from Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani and Pamela Anderson will appear in categories like: Double Disasters (a look at famous couples like Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Federline who never seem to match up quite right) and Sleepwalking (where it seems stars like Shannon Doherty and Lizzie Grubman forgot to get fully dressed before they went out.)

A panel of comedians, fashionistas and celebrity magazine journalists will offer insight, commentary and genuine what-the-hecks while examining these dreadful ensembles. Plus they'll try to determine what made our favorite celebs think outfits like this were ok in the first place.

Tune to in to All Access: Awesomely Bad Celeb Fashion as we once again try to answer the most important question in the universe: What were these celebrities thinking?