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  1.   VH1 All Access: Red Hot Red Carpet 2005

    Check out clips and commentary as the hottest A-list celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet.

    Air Date: 12/01/05

Full Episode Summary

On the red carpet, anything can happen. Like a giant celebrity fishbowl, the red carpet is where America's Funniest Home Videos meets A-list celebrities. Every year, there are hundreds of red carpet events packed with celebs... from major award shows and movie premieres to industry parties to club and restaurant openings.

Red Hot Red Carpet will highlight the hottest celebrities and the newest trends when it comes to working the red carpet.

Topics include......

  • Red Carpet Fashion: Who wears it well? Who doesn't wear enough? Who should invest in a full length mirror before getting out of the limo?

  • Red Carpet Behavior: Which carpet-strutting couples broadcast their love across the red carpet? Who hid their relationships from the mayhem? Who melted down for all the paparazzi to see?

  • Red Carpet Style: Who makes the best entrances? Who's got the flyest entourage? Who rocks the most bling? Who knows how to work the best photo op?

  • Red Carpet Trends: Red carpets aren't red anymore.... and they're not just carpets, either. We'll take a look at the plush production values of today's high-concept premiere events.

  • Red Carpet Disasters: Not even torrential downpours or broken bones can stop the red carpet... or can they?

    Featured celebs include: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, Burt Reynolds, Nicole Kidman, Leo DiCaprio, Giselle Bunchen, Johnny Depp and many more...