Full Episode Summary

In Hollywood, someone's always hooking up or breaking up, and this year was jam packed with celebrity romance news -- from the on & off again couples like Leo & Gisele, Jake & Kirsten, and Sienna & Jude, to the newly married couples like Heidi & Seal, and Ben & Jen.

Of course, there were record short marriages too - like Kenny Chesney & Renee, and One Tree Hill'ers Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray. Following suit, there were plenty of divorces like Jenny McCarthy & John Asher, Jamie Lynn & AJ Discala, and Stella lost her groove when author Terry McMillan & Jonathan Plummer called it quits after she discovered her groove was gay!

But it's not all bad news - there were plenty of uber-hookups too, like TomKat & BrAngelina, so at last there is hope that for every celebrity breakup, is an equally juicy hookup.


- Paris' breakups & hookups

- Shortest marriages of the year

- On again, Off again couples

- Rebounds

- Weddings

- Desperate Housewives Hookups

- Odd Couples

- Friends Breakups

- Divorces and more...