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  1.   VH1 All Access: Show Us Your Tats

    Watch outtakes from the show and hear about your favorite tattooed celebrities and celebrity tattoo artists.

    Air Date: 1/24/06

Full Episode Summary

Celebs just love to express themselves. And there's no better way to express yourself more personally, more painfully, and more permanently, than with a tattoo. There's a story behind every tat. And VH1's gonna dig 'em all out in All Access: Celebrity Tattoos.

Some are romantic, some are dramatic, some are silly and some are really really complicated. But all these celebrity tattoos have one thing in common: you just gotta see 'em. Who could resist checking out Janet Jackson's tat: Minnie and Mickey Mouse in a compromising position on her thigh. Or Mike Tyson's crazy tribal design on, yes, his face.

Celebrity Tattoos brings you the scoop on each one. We'll explain why Steve-O got a tattoo of his own face on his back and how Geena Davis wound up with a Denny's logo on her ankle. We'll reveal why the Dixie Chicks have multiple chicken footprints on their bodies and why some bizarre tattoo snafus left Britney feeling `strange.'

VH1's tatted-up panel of comedians, journalists and celebrity scholars will all weigh in on why the world's most famous people just love getting inked up. Get ready to witness the needle and the damage done on All Access: Celebrity Tattoos.