1. Alexcy Aranguren

    Alexcy Aranguren is a 32 year old from Orange County, CA. He currently works as a real-estate broker, but is trying to break into the entertainment business. This was his very first audition, and his first gig.

  2. Silvia Tovar

    Silvia Tovar is a 24 year old from New York, where she is studying acting. She grew up in Colombia. Is adjusting to her new look after recently losing 40 pounds.

  3. Roseny Carrero

    Roseny Carrero is a 23 year old from Ponce, Puerto Rico. She has done modeling for print ads and runway shows. She is currently a working model/actress

  4. Kalain Santos

    Kalain Santos is a 24 year old from Miami, FL, where he works as a model. He is originally from Puerto Rico. He is constantly striving and taking courses, in order to improve his English.

  5. Jenn Pinto

    Jenn Pinto is a 21 year old from Bronx, NY. She is a member of an improv comedy troupe and a dance instructor. She's uses her full name, Jenn Pinto, in order to not be confused with Jenny from the Block.

  6. Janet Michel

    Janet Michel is 28 year old from Los Angeles, CA. She currently works as a late night talk show host, but aspires to be a telenovela star like her mother.

  7. Jainmy Martinez

    Jainmy Martinez is a 30 year old from New Jersey, where she works as a plus size model. She is also a single mother raising a 9 year old daughter.

  8. Gisel Saumat

    Gisel Saumat is a 25 year old from Miami, FL, where she works as a hostess. She is more than just her looks though, she aspires to write and produce films. She also participates in various marathons.

  9. Geovannie Gomez

    Geovannie Gomez is a 24 year old from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has been studying to be a lawyer, but his true passion is acting. He has been doing martial arts since he was a kid.

  10. Enrique Sapene

    Enrique Sapene is a 28 year old from Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in Venezula, but moved here to pursue a career in acting. He is a working actor and is also interested in production.

  11. Berto Colon

    Berto Colon is a 31 year old from New Jersey. He manages a bar in New York City, but was originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

  12. Vinci Alonso

    Vinci Alonso is a 26 year old from Miami, FL. He works as a model, and is trying to broaden his career by becoming an actor. He enjoys playing the villain, and is quite good at it.