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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Watch more scenes from Charo's visit, extended dance rehearsals and the alternate death scene!

    Air Date: 5/11/08

  2.   Fire Show Clips

    Things heat up in the casa de loca when "Fire" is the telenovela deadly sin of the week!

    Air Date: 5/11/08

Full Episode Summary

More surprises, as the contestants get a rude wake-up call from none other than CHARO who announces that tonight, they are competing in a song and dance competition of firey hot Latin numbers: the salsa, tango, and flamenco. With musical novelas on the rise, our contestants have to become triple threats. Guest choreographer, Sergio Trujillo is on hand to put them through the paces. Some of the show's biggest rivals and budding romances pair off for the big show.