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  1.   Greatest Hits

    Relive the sexiest and most dramatic moments from the casa de loca!

    Air Date: 6/12/08

  2.   Scandal Extras

    You won't believe the scandals that go down during this week's challenge!

    Air Date: 5/25/08

Full Episode Summary

The four remaining contestants each shoot their own scandalous video ala Paris Hilton or David Hasselhoff. Things get crazy when one of the contestants goes method and gets drunk for real. Each of our actors must not only pull off an outrageous performance, but they must own their story in a statement to the press when prodded and poked by none other then celebrity parasite, PEREZ HILTON. In a sneak one-on-one interview, Perez shocks each of them with footage of their actual bad behavior in the house. All the dirt is revealed: the bed hopping, Jacuzzi frolicking, body shaving -- you name it.