1. Date: 5/25/08

    Legendary comedian CHEECH MARIN guest stars for the big finale. First, the three remaining contestants must act in novela scenes, where they are assigned to play characters they know very well --...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 5/25/08

    The four remaining contestants each shoot their own scandalous video ala Paris Hilton or David Hasselhoff. Things get crazy when one of the contestants goes method and gets drunk for real.

  3. Date: 5/18/08

    None other than DAISY FUENTES visits to teach our contestants the sin of seduction -- or how to entice an audience by making yourself a brand that people want to watch.

  4. Date: 5/11/08

    More surprises, as the contestants get a rude wake-up call from none other than CHARO who announces that tonight, they are competing in a song and dance competition of firey hot Latin routines.

  5. Date: 5/4/08

    The contestants gather to learn the next challenge, and are surprised to find telenovela leading lady, LORENA ROJAS crying in the dining room. It's just an act, and they must do the same in a...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 4/27/08

    Maria Conchita, a former Miss Venezuela, announces that for the sin of vanity they must compete in the first annual Viva Hollywood Pageant where they must walk the runway and perform a talent.

  7. Date: 4/20/08

    The contestants brace themselves for a challenge in the sin of Lust. Telenovela romantic leads CHRISTIAN DE LA FUENTE and his wife ANGELICA CASTRO guest star to teach them the art of romantic...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 4/13/08

    Our twelve contestants arrive at "La Casa de Locos" where they are greeted by co-host, telenovela leading man and crossover American star CARLOS PONCE, and the "Diva de la Casa,"...Read Full Summary