Full Episode Summary

Web Junk is back and better than ever. This time we have so many hysterical animal videos and so much ludicrous crap from the internet that we had to bring the show back in our brand new 2.0 version to fit it all in.

Along with all the usual idiotic nonsense you've come to expect from Web Junk we will also get up close and personal with three of the hottest web stars around. You've wasted plenty of your life watching their videos now we give you the chance to waste a few more minutes getting to know them even better.

Sammy Stephens has become a household name and even appeared on "Ellen" thanks to his commercial for Flea Market Montgomery which has been viewed over 2 million times. We head to Montgomery, Alabama to let Sammy explain to us why the flea market is "just like a mini-mall".

We'll also catch up with the famous crying wrestling fan Mr. David "It's Still Real to Damn It!" Wills. Find out from David himself what causes a grown man to actually break down in tears talking about a "sport" that even small children understand is completely fake.

Of course when it comes to huge web stars it doesn't get any bigger than Nora the piano playing cat who has been viewed over 5 million times on the World Wide Web. Our up close and personal meeting with Nora proves two major things: The original video isn't fake, Nora actually does play the piano and it's even funnier, cuter and stupider when you see her do it in-person.