1. Before hosting VH1's new series "Wedding Wars," Michele Merkin served as host of NBC's "For Love Or Money," GSN's "Extreme Dodgeball," ABC's "The Next Best Thing" as well as shows for Style, Fox, E! and TBS. In addition to her host career, Michele...  Read More

  2. Houston, TX -- Jay and Dee have been together for two years and put fitness first. Winning is everything in their war for a dream wedding and it might just bring out the worst in them. Will Jay's competitive spirit hurt their chances of being the...  Read More

  3. Corona, CA -- Having been together for seven years, this couple is ready to tie the knot. They're a perfect example of what happens when opposites attract but will Rich's outgoing nature and Marina's shy personality impact their chances of winning...  Read More

  4. Virginia Beach, VA -- Brandon waited over five years to pop the question, but this real life "Ken & Barbie" are more than ready for their dream wedding. Jessica's classic blonde good looks and Brandon's goofy sense of humor might win them...  Read More

  5. North Hills, CA -- This couple has been together for four years after meeting in a boxing class when Angel's left hook caught Kevin's attention and won his heart. Will they knock out the competition and win their dream wedding or will the fierce...  Read More

  6. Los Angeles, CA -- Even though they have only been dating a little over a year this couple has unbeatable sexual chemistry proudly citing their membership in the mile-high club. Johnnie met Celestria while she was dating someone else but quickly...  Read More

  7. Houston, TX -- This couple brings some serious southern attitude and describe themselves as being "the best looking couple in the world." Hollywood's muscles, tattoos and gold teeth make him hard to miss while Kat is "feisty," refuses to be ignored...  Read More

  8. San Jose, CA -- After dating for 12 years, Mario and Melinda are ready to win the wedding of their dreams and will lie, cheat & steal to walk down that aisle. Both from a Portuguese background, this couple respects tradition and family can't...  Read More

  9. Las Vegas, NV -- In the three years they have been dating Sharon wears the pants in this relationship and that is just fine with Michael. His description of Sharon being "not very affectionate" might come in handy during this cutthroat competition...  Read More

  10. East Meadow, NY -- After dating for over two years, Frankie proposed and Sofia said yes but they just can't afford their dream wedding. Frankie works in sales and Sofia is currently unemployed. This couple is proud of their Greek heritage and ready...  Read More

  11. Manchester, NH -- Athleticism is nothing new for this couple of three years. Both former jocks, Brandon and Stephanie are always focused on being in first place. Currently living with Stephanie's parents, they don't have the cash for their dream...  Read More

  12. Austin, TX -- After meeting and serving in the Marines together, this couple of five years is approaching "Wedding Wars" like they're on the front lines. They freely admit to being "backstabbers" and plan to bring the competition to a new level....  Read More

  13. Studio City, CA -- Elsie has the brains and Joseph has the brawn. After dating for five years, they're still living in separate apartments out of respect for Elsie's pastor dad. Will their fair and friendly game get them far enough to win the prize...  Read More