1. White Rapper: PersiaWhite Rapper: Persia

    Repping Far Rockaway, Queens to the fullest, the no-nonsense queen of tough talk bites her tongue for no one. As talented as she is confrontational, Rachel Mucerino, otherwise known as Persia, takes pride in embodying the rough, gritty attitude of old school New York. This is in stark contrast to her smooth-as-hell singing ability that complements her sharp-as-razors raps. The product of a hectic life growing up, 25-year-old Persia has walked the line between right and wrong and has emerged as a rising star. (A rising star who prefers to call herself "That Bitch.") Visit her MySpace Page

  2. White Rapper: Jus RhymeWhite Rapper: Jus Rhyme

    Jus Rhyme (real name Jeb Middlebrook) is a politically aware and socially responsible 27-year-old rapper and college student pursuing his PhD in Ethnic Studies at USC. His rap group AR-15 (Anti Racist 15) follows the plan of partying as a way for justice and equality for all (especially black people). Jus is originally from Austin, MN (which is better known as "Spam Town, USA") but now resides in Los Angeles, CA (a good place to be if you're interested in bringing different ethnicities together). Visit his MySpace Page

  3. White Rapper: Misfit DiorWhite Rapper: Misfit Dior

    Misfit Dior (real name Laeticia Guzman) is bringing sexy back to the female rap game. But don't let Misfit's sexy fool you, she's not just another pre-packaged pretty face. This 27-year-old British babe is the real thing, penning her own lyrics and performing with an undeniable presence. Whether it's her thick accent, her slick rhyme schemes or her cream-colored physique, this Miss is hard to forget. (And she's always keeping it bloody real whether she's in her hometown of London, UK or her new home of BK, NY.) Visit her MySpace Page

  4. White Rapper: John BrownWhite Rapper: John Brown

    Ask John Brown (real name Greg Kaysen) and he'll be happy to tell you, he's not a rapper, he's "an entity." He's also the guy who ruffles the most feathers in Tha White House, embroiled in beef with various cast members over his non-stop promotion of his rap crew / business known as Ghetto Revival. Shrewd and skilled, the self-proclaimed, 26-year-old "King of the 'Burbs" (who also produces beats) is from Davis, CA, but is currently living in the tough borough of Brooklyn, NY and we guarantee he's saying, "Hallelujah Holla Back!" as you read this. Visit his MySpace Page

  5. White Rapper: $hamrockWhite Rapper: $hamrock

    $hamrock's shiny grills, Ceasar cut and tilted cap might make you first think he's your average "wigger." Nothing could be further from the truth. A journalism major and former high school athlete, Timothy Rasmussen, better known as $ham, 23, is not trying to be something he's not. What he is trying to be is one of the top rappers in the sport and his witty way with words and fast thinking has this Atlanta, GA native on the fast track to success. Visit his MySpace Page

  6. White Rapper: G-ChildWhite Rapper: G-Child

    Filled to the brim with hyperactive energy, this 21-year-old Allentown, PA upstart may look underage, but her unadulterated drive is sure to put G-Child (a.k.a. Gina Morganello) over the top. Mentored by her idol Vanilla Ice (yes, that's right, pop star Vanilla Ice), she nevertheless has one foot firmly planted in the underground rap scene, which helps her stay grounded. Yet don't get it twisted like G's trademark braids, this Child has full-grown aspirations of representing for the underdogs on a grand scale. Visit her MySpace Page

  7. White Rapper: Jon BoyWhite Rapper: Jon Boy

    Calling himself "Christianity's Biggest Sinner," Reedville, VA's Jon Wertz, AKA Jon Boy, 25, is an interesting mix of humbleness and hell fire when the heat gets cooking. His vast recording studio experience has made him a polished MC and he sometimes peppers his raps with references to his religious beliefs. But Jon Boy is far from a "religious rapper" and being the walking contradiction that he is has no problem rhyming about the darker side of life. Visit his MySpace Page

  8. White Rapper: SulleeWhite Rapper: Sullee

    Bobby Sullivan AKA Sullee AKA Young Heff is more than your prototypical Irish rapper from Boston, MA. Yeah, he's cocky, he's loud, and quick to fight you, but there's more to Sullee than meets the eye. A gifted writer, he is able to paint pictures with his lyrics about the tough times he had growing up while his dad was locked up. (Today, father and son work together running their independent label Old South End Records.) Naturally a big-time Red Sox fan, 21-year-old Young Heff withstood the torture of spending a hot summer in enemy Yankee territory. That's how much he loves this hip hop game. Visit his MySpace Page

  9. White Rapper: DasitWhite Rapper: Dasit

    What do you get when you cross a dude who looks like an office worker gone postal who sounds sorta like Eminem and is best friends with MC Hammer? David Shinavar, otherwise known as Dasit, of course. Hailing from T-Town (Toledo, OH), this 29-year-old hopes his off-kilter image grabs people's attention so he can win them over with his relentless flow and intricate rhyme patterns. Visit his MySpace Page

  10. White Rapper: 100 ProofWhite Rapper: 100 Proof

    Blue Mound, TX's 100 Proof (real name Chuck Baker) likes to refer to himself as an MC who looks like Sid Vicious and sounds like Rakim. The mohawk and microphone are Proof's friends but his best buddy just might be booze... as he's fond of saying about himself, "Half Man / Half Liquor... One hell of a drunk." Although he's the front man for the rock band The Hype, the 28-year-old Texan still knows a hell of a lot about hip-hop. The proof is in his rowdy rhymes. Visit his MySpace Page