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  1. What do you get when you combine a Latina Bombshell and an aspiring hipster comic? The perfect recipe for this season's final episode....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Siggy squares off against a professional wrestler and the world champion of criticism when she tries to get her newest clients' dating lives back in order....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Siggy's newest clients couldn't be more different. Lindsay totally limits herself by only dating her friends, while Jay's only limit is the amount of girls he can squeeze into a night....  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Episode 7
    1. Katie Herzig  "Free My Mind"

    1. Episode 5

    1. Katie Herzig  "Best Day of Your Life"

    1. Episode 1

    1. Cara Salimando  "You Are"

About Why Am I Still Single?!

  1. What's love got to do with it? Everything. But in today's world, successfully navigating the dating scene is about as likely as surviving a hurricane while floating on your back. With the internet, text messaging, twitter, Skype, blogs and people just not being that into each other, the "rules" of dating have become confusing and downright frustrating for everyone. And with busy work schedules, no one has time to figure it all out.

    Have no fear, the Love Picker is here! Enter Siggy Flicker, a connoisseur of matters of the heart. Siggy is an expert matchmaker with years of experience in the biz. And now, she's using her experience to whip daters across NYC (and viewers) into relationship shape. But this isn't your average matchmaking show -- this is dating with a tutorial twist. Sexy and smart, loud and brassy, Siggy is unapologetic about telling her clients what they are doing wrong when it comes to dating. And she's got a wild, diverse team of skilled "pickers" to round it all out. School is in session and Siggy Flicker is the head master!

    Siggy Flicker: Love Picker is a one-hour docu-soap that follows the matchmaking adventures of dynamo Siggy Flicker, her zany staff, and her loveless clients -- combining the drama-trauma of a dating show with the humor and feel-good fun of a workplace comedy.

    Each week, in our "A" story, Siggy will work with two new clients, a man and a woman -- two relatable daters who have tried EVERYTHING to find a partner of their dreams. Siggy and her team of master recruiters will set up our daters on a date, assess their date performance and get them on the path to relationship recovery. In our "B" story, we will chronicle the adventures of the hot and wacky recruiters as they pick up men and women for that week's matches, led by Siggy's identical (very) blonde hair/makeup/stylist/beauty twins, Jamie and Jenn.

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