1. RACHEL, 28, packing boundless energy and an outrageous personality into a petite frame. She is known to get crazy when she drinks. Determined to find the right Boston guy before 30 (preferably a wealthy doctor), Rachel loves weddings and...  Read More

  2. CHUBS, 29, the self-declared life of the party and the social secretary for his ever-expanding crew of friends. Chubs' partying pace is legendary. Hailing from Franklin, MA, Chubs attended Bryant University and decided to put his marketing...  Read More

  3. NIKKI, 30 (or is it 28?), is Rachel's hilarious ditzy blonde best pal, who never turns down a good time and dreams of a blue collar guy with a heart of gold, calluses on his hands and who will buy her flowers and fix her car. Boston bred and...  Read More

  4. JOE, just turned 30, is Chubs' frat brother, roommate and best cruising buddy. A somewhat straight man to Chubs' louder and crazier ways, Joe and Chubs are a modern day odd couple who share an unruly bachelor party pad they christened "Club Med."...  Read More

  5. CHELSI, 24, the youngest of the group is known as 'the maniac' -- the one who gets everyone in trouble. Chelsi is the only woman in Boston who can keep up with Chubs' breakneck party speed. A perpetual party girl, Chelsi is known as the female...  Read More

  6. CHRISSY, 27, the pretty "southie girl" with a tough streak. Chrissy is no pushover, but is often the peacekeeper of the group. Chrissy considers herself to be one of the guys and pays the bills by holding down three different jobs --working at...  Read More