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  1. Laura Baron is a professional lifestyle and relationship strategist who is regarded as a premier change agent. Her clients report greater success from using her signature intuitive and customized methods over traditional therapy. Her clients include...  Read More

  2. Amber is a traditional southern belle from Savannah, Georgia. She was raised in an old plantation home by a well-regarded family. Amber admits she always judges people by what they are wearing and she doesn't like to be seen with girls wearing...  Read More

  3. Chrissy is a spoiled rotten princess from Los Angeles, California. Chrissy loves to shop till she drops, but won't be seen walking the street carrying anything but just her purse. She makes her driver carry all of her bags. Chrissy's highest goal...  Read More

  4. Courtnee is a beauty queen from Charlotte, North Carolina. Popular around town, this self-proclaimed "it-girl" is a socialite. Courtnee says she is not a gold-digger, but insists she wouldn't marry a man who couldn't give her anything less than...  Read More

  5. Erica is a pampered princess from Houston, Texas, who spends over half a million dollars of her dad's money every year while still living at home. She has her own line of bejeweled tiaras and consults her personal astrologer for every life...  Read More

  6. Gia is a wife and mother from Sherman Oaks, California, who has never changed her baby's diaper or woken up to feed her in the middle of the night. Gia cannot survive without her hookah and her beauty sleep, so her husband hires nannies and maids...  Read More

  7. Jaqueline is a daughter of a successful business executive. She has three walk-in closets in her 10,000 square-foot home with a wine cellar and media room. She thinks men are superficial and pick women to date based on their looks, so she sees...  Read More

  8. Jessica is a princess from the Jersey Shore. She's loud, she's Italian and she's doesn't care what people think about her. Jessica shops so much her mother had to recently convert a spare bedroom into an extra walk-in closet for her stuff. She...  Read More

  9. Supported entirely by her father, Leanne is a diva from Sherman Oaks, California. When she didn't like the color of the Mercedes S-Class her dad bought her, she decided to buy a $375,000 Ferrari when he was out of town. Within weeks, she had...  Read More

  10. Pamela is a New Yorker who says she used to be a princess, but has upgraded herself to queen. From furs to yachts to the finest champagne, Pamela knows how to spend her family's money. Her family is fed up with her endless demands. They're cutting...  Read More