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  1. Aimee lives by the motto: "Do not do for yourself what others can do for you." She still lives with her mother who sacrifices her own vacation time because Aimee demands a trip every few months. In the last nine years, her mom has bought her eight...  Read More

  2. Hana is an L.A. socialite who is used to the VIP treatment. When she's not taking a private jet to party in Las Vegas, she's filling her closet with the latest fashions off the Paris runway. She has a weakness for fast cars, particularly Porsches...  Read More

  3. Jenn lives a pampered life supported by her parents. When she's not flying to her family's other homes in Florida, Las Vegas, or DC, Jenn spends much of her time poolside, getting a tan, or at the plastic surgeon's office. She expects her weekly...  Read More

  4. When Jessica is not driving around in her customized Mercedes, she's shopping for $20,000 dollar dresses for the next gala on her social calendar. She's known as the Palm Beach socialite is used to living in excess. She converted a bedroom into a...  Read More

  5. Lauren is the self-proclaimed "HBBQ": Has Been Beauty Queen. She was crowned Miss Tennessee 2006 and competed in Miss USA 2006. Lauren took seven years to graduate college so that she could avoid getting a job for as long as possible. While her...  Read More

  6. A self described plus-sized princess, Marcy is an only child who lives at home with her parents. She's tried employment before, but didn't stick out any of the jobs she had. She spends her free time shopping, counting her Louis Vuittons, and yelling...  Read More

  7. Nadia's parents own a chain of high end day spas, which Nadia is quick to claim as her own. Since somebody else is always there to take care of her baby daughter, Nadia spends her free time getting pampered at the spa and partying at night. Her dad...  Read More

  8. Shakyra's friends nicknamed her Vanity because she begins each day by talking to herself in the mirror. She just moved in with her boyfriend who showers her with designer clothes and vacations while she works on spending his cash. He says she has to...  Read More

  9. Laura Baron is a professional lifestyle and relationship strategist who is regarded as a premier change agent. Her clients report greater success from using her signature intuitive and customized methods over traditional therapy. Her clients include...  Read More

  10. Marissa is an only child and has never spent a night away from her mother. And why would she? Her mother props her pillows up at bedtime and caters to her every material whim. But Marissa also has a personal assistant, a stylist, and an at home...  Read More