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  1. It's graduation week at Princess Rehab! The ladies prepare the house for the arrival of their benefactors, hoping to prove to all that they have changed their spoiled ways. Their families will ultimately decide if they've passed the program or whether the...  Read Full Summary »


  2. High heels are traded in for cowboy boots, as Laura sends the ladies off to a dude ranch to learn they can have fun on a budget....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Despite being more accustomed to painting nails rather than hammering them, the girls help build a house for Habitat for Humanity as Laura teaches these spoiled divas about charity....  Read Full Summary »


About You're Cut Off! 2

  1. Last year in season 1 of You're Cut Off, VH1 came to the rescue of eight families who all had one thing in common: They were sick and tired of dealing with their spoiled rotten princess daughters.

    These twentysomething women still lived at home, treating their parents and loved ones like ATMs. But thanks to an intensive eight-week self improvement course run by life coach Laura Baron, where the girls learned how to cook, clean, plan careers and cope with everyday life, they became more productive members of society.

    Now it's time for season 2 of You're Cut Off --with eight more women enrolled in this tough therapy program for spoiled bratesses.

    This year's cast members are led to believe they're trying out for a reality show called "The Search for the Next 'It' Girl." They arrive in LA and hit a red carpet for a fancy party in their honor. But inside the soiree, their benefactors appear on video monitors to deliver the shocking news: They're being cut off. The party ends, limos vanish, and the new You're Cut Off cast are whisked away in mundane minivans to a middle class home in the Valley.

    In season 2, Laura's program is way more intense. The women work on their work ethic by cleaning up at the very same country clubs they usually frequent. They confront their own wasteful consumption by spending a few days with back-to-the-land homesteaders, who rarely shower and grow their own food. They learn valuable career skills from working at a restaurant. They're taught how to shop on a budget. Most important, they're forced to shed their chronic dependency on others and pull their own weight as members of a community.

    But, in the end, it's up to the benefactors to decide whether the girls have made enough progress to be welcomed back home.

    Season 2 of You're Cut Off is full of surprises, include celebrity appearances (such as singer Kimberly Caldwell). And you can bet that when these eight entitled princesses are hit full-force with Laura's tougher program, there will be no shortage of drama

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