1. Check out the beautiful and talented women who ruled the roost this year! Taylor, Gaga, Beyonce and more!

  2. Your favorite artists get real and answer five personal questions off the dome. RiRi, Carrie Underwood and more.

  3. Catch up with the hottest hunks who kept us swooning all year long. See vids from Jason Mraz, Lil' Wayne, MJ and more.

  4. Watch chart-topping videos from the stars of the world's most popular show. David Cook, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and more!

  1. Check out the rockin'est videos from the bands that set this year on fire! All-American Rejects, Green Day, Daughtry and others!

  2. Remember Eminem's LOL video mocking Bret Michaels? Watch it now and more of the year's best.

  3. We're still dancing to Hova and Alicia Keys' "Empire State Of Mind." Check out artists who teamed up to make a bigger splash in 2009.

  4. Check out the most watched videos on this year! Katy Perry, Jason Mraz, Beyonce and more!

  1. He may be gone but we'll keep listening to his music forever. Watch all the videos that made him the King of Pop.

  2. Rap's most creative MC gave an unforgettable performance filled with cool ideas. Watch the entire show.

  3. She redefined the word diva and broke records in 2009. Watch all the videos, from "Single Ladies" to "Sweet Dreams."

  4. We took the Matchbox Twenty singer to Times Square, where he fielded questions from tourists. Watch him respond like a pro.

  1. Check out all the videos that premiered on the countdown show this year. Lifehouse, Shakira, John Mayer and more!

  2. Dave Grohl and Co. rocked the house with a live set of their biggest hits! Watch the entire show.

  3. Light-haired ladies ruled the music industry in 2009. Watch videos by Britney, GaGa, Taylor and more!

  4. Watch the resurrected metal mavens turned movie stars discuss their favorite music videos of all-time.

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