• Season 1, Ep 244

Pink Teams Up With Linda Perry

Shortly after writing "Get The Party Started" Linda Perry begins working with Pink in the studio and creating music together.

07/16/2014 · 3:40

heyday with 4 Non Blondes and she was all but forgotten,

living in dark life filled with alcohol and drug use.

I was doing a lot aheroine and it was dangerous.

That was my rock-bottom andI saw my life and my life on

heroine was not good.

She was struggling.

Her star had fallen.

She was starting to sinkinto a bit of an oblivion.

I was really losingmyself and this is when

life for me changed.

I'm a survivor.

I will get back upand start all over.

One day I just grabbed allthe heroin and threw it

into the trash.

Linda went cold turkey and move south to Los Angeles where she

started writing music again.

Looking for a new sound.

She put down a guitar and picked up a drum machine.

I'm like okay, all right.

What's this thing do?

Let's open this puppy up.

All the sounds.

♪ Boom, boom, boom,ba-boom, ba, do, do, do, do. ♪

Okay, horns

[horn noise]

Oh, I need wa-wa.


All right, there's the trackall right that sounds fun.

All right, let'sgrab this microphone.

I'm just gonna thinkof every cliché thing

I could possibly think of.

♪ Get the party startedon a Saturday night. ♪

And I just start writing downall these words, and it's like,

literally, we're talkingabout 10, 15 minutes

all this happened.

Linda knew she had a hit onher hands, but had no interest

in singing it herself.

Then, in thespring of 2001,

fate would literallycome calling.

Linda was my childhood idol.

I stalked her basicallyI would just leave like

15 minute messages onher answering machine.

I get the phone call fromthis girl Pink and I'm all,

"What the ---- is a Pink?"

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

She called me back and she waslike, you're crazy and I was

like, yeah she's like come over.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

I was like okay.

And I went to her houseand didn't leave

for like three months.

Linda and Pink immediatelybegan writing songs together

and their chemistrywas palpable.

With Linda.

It was intimacy.

It was, it wasblood, sweat and tears.

It was therapy.


♪ In our family portrait

♪ We lookpretty happy ♪

♪ Let's play pretend

♪ Let's act likeit comes naturally ♪

Her attitude justreminded me of me,

and I think that wejust bonded through that.

That's my arm.

That's my arm.

Look at this bite she gave me.

Oh please.

You wish to give you that.

It was a friendship.

It was what I alwaysthought making music was.

We just wrote the songs andshe had this song called,

"Get the Party Started"that she had written before,

and she was like, I never knowwhat to do with the song,

but ding, ding, ding.

It's your song Iwrote it for you.


♪ I'm coming out so youbetter get this party started. ♪

♪ I'm coming out,I'm coming. ♪

Get the party started dropped in October 2001,

and it was a huge worldwide hit.

Elevating Pink's career to new heights.


♪ Pumping up the volumewith this brand-new beat ♪

♪ Everybody's dancingand they're dancing for me ♪

And Linda was just as happy as she found her true calling

working behind the scenes.

For me it was anopportunity to create

and that's all Ireally want to do.

I just want tomake music, really.

I could care lessabout the fame.

To create for me is to live.