• Season 5, Ep 11

Shaunie Adds New Chicks To The Mix

Shaunie and Tami introduce each other to their friends out side of their circle. Tami's friend, January, has something in common with Angel Brinks. Brinks and January both know Tyreke Evans on an initmate level. Tune in Sunday at 8/7c only on VH1!

09/18/2016 · 4:00

- On your side of townfor a change.

- Right?Yes, yes, the west side.

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.- You know, so...

Contrary to whateverybody thinks,

we don't justhang around each other.

We do have othergroups of friends,

so I thought it'd be a good ideafor Tami and I to go to lunch

and invite someoneeach other doesn't know.

I can't wait for you to meetmy little friend Lindsay.

She was marriedto Marshall Faulk at one point.

- Oh, okay.- I think you're gonna like her.

- I don't want you to think thatI'm just bringing any ho around.

That's not the--that's--- Are you calling the girl a ho?

- I'm just saying that I don'twant you to think

that I'm bringing any ho around.

- You bringinga specific ho around.

- [laughing]

Who can I bring that's notmeek and uninteresting

and doesn'thave a point of view?

We got enough of them bitches.

Figured I'd bringsomebody interesting around,

somebody that could getit popping,

somebody that couldget it started,

somebody that ain't afraidto say how she feels,

and damn it,

January popped into my mind.

- Hi.- Hi.

How are you?- Good.

How are you?- I'm fine.

[all greeting one another]

- I'm January.- Nice to meet you, January.

- I don't want you to get up.- How are you?

- I'm glad I got the white memo.- Right?

- We go way back.

So are you still with Terrence?I don't know.

- No.- Oh, okay.

- She kept that short.all: "No."

- I've been through a fewsince Terrence.

- Really?

- You know, it's so hard,

because I'm meeting new ones

all the time, and just--it's hard.

- She said new ones.- New ones.

[all laughing]

- Well, I do have a type.

- Oh, you do?What--okay, what's the type?

- A ball in their hand.- Okay.

- Any kind of ball?

- Two below and one in the hand.- Right, right.

Any specific sportyou're looking for?

- I feel likeI don't look for anything.

I feel like people look for me.No.

- So you've donea lot of [bleep].

- Child.Hi.

This is Lindsay.

- Hi.- Hi, Lindsay.

- Hi, gorgeous.

How you doing?- Good to see you. Hi.

- Hi, Tami, how are you?- Lindsay, nice to meet you.

- January.- Lindsay, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.- Well, have a seat.

- I love that name.- Thank you.

- Lindsay is more like me.

She's a lady. It's a huge contrast.

They are two very differentwhite chicks.

So you're open datingright now or no?

- Not--I mean, when the [bleep]do I have time to date?

- When do you have time?Yeah.

- I try.- You need January with you,

'cause they finds her.

- Yeah, where do you go?

- The social media on Instagram.- Instagram, oh.

Going down?- They going down.

- In the DM DM.So you met--

- So how many NBA peniseshave you seen?

[all laughing]

- There's been a few.

- Oh, Lord, why did I bring

this girl to lunch?

- Okay, so wait.Do you know any of the ladies,

same ladies we know

in our little circleof associates and friends?

- I'm not sure.

- So, you know Brandi,Malaysia, Angel Brinks.

Have you ever gottenany clothes from her?

- Why you so quiet?- Oh, I don't know.

- Do you know them?- I don't know her.

- Do you know any of them?- I have met her--

are they together?- Who?

- Are they together?- No.

- Huh.So there's--you know how, like,

you said there wasa few one-night stands?

- [gasps]He was one?

What?- How was he?

Did you enjoy it?

I had no idea.

That [bleep] gotten around.

[cat yowls]

- It was great.

Happened one time.

- But was it really great?

- I mean, don't you thinkif it was amazing,

it would have happenedmore than one time?

- Oh, Lord.

- She just said--- Oh, so the penis is little?

- No, no, no!- That's what I'm thinking.

- No, no.- Knows what I--

that's what I read out of it.

This group of ladiesis actually all right.

I think we could rock a little bit, you know,

as long as Januarydon't get up on no tables,

you know, and wind itand drop it like it's hot.

- So you knowwhat I was thinking?

I am having an event for Jazz.

Y'all should come with us.

- I can't wait.You need white chicks.

- We--we need white chicks!- [laughing]