• Season 3, Ep 3

Natalie Has A Disastrous Date

Natalie and Darius have a fun time splashing around in the banana shoes until Natalie gets hurt.

07/06/2016 ยท 2:25

>> Yeah, I definitely think

these are actual shoes.

Oh my God.

This is going be so fun.

>> I feel girls are like ovens.

They take a minute to heat up.

At the beginning it's rocky,

it's hard to start a


>> You wanna hold hands?

>> Yeah, yeah.


You gotta preheat it, right


Then you can put some ribs in


>> Okay.

Let's go.

>> Wow.

Who made this sport?

Is this sport or what?

My legs are about to give up.

All the squats.

>> [laughing]

>> Whoa.



>> Darius, just looks like a

deer who just started walking

and...it's hilarious.

>> Oh, oh my God.

This is different.

>> Well, you look pretty nice

yourself, Darius.

>> When I checked out Natalie,

she got a nice backside.

It's not big, but it's big

enough to get the point across.

>> Reach for my hand.

>> [bleep].

What the hell, man?

Hey, [bleep] was hard.

Oh, I'm almost there.


Okay. Here you go.

Get you--there you go.

>> Great job.

>> Let me take these off, and

I'll help you out.

>> Oh smart.

>> There we go.

The right leg first.

>> I need help.

>> Okay.

Let me get this one off first,

and then I can help you.

>> Oh my God.

>> Great.

Now I can save the day.

>> [screams] Oh, no!

Don't do that.

I can't do--

>> Oh, you can't--oh, yeah.

That's right.

>> I'm stuck.

Oh! My butt!

>> I feel like I'm slow at

moments, but I am smart.

Bring your legs this way first.

>> [laughing]

>> I am smart.

I am smart.

>> Ah! [bleep]!

This is--this is the worst

day of my life.

>> Did it come off at least?

>> No.

This whole end of the date is

such a disaster.

I'm just going to lay here and


But he tried.

>> [laughs]