• Season 1, Ep 3

LeAnn Goes Back Home

During a whirlwind trip to Nashville, LeAnn tries to make time for dad, who she has shared a tenuous relationship with over the years.

07/31/2014 ยท 2:16

>> My dad does live out--

out, out.

This is not really Nashville


>> Well, is it not considered

Nashville where we're going?

>> No, it's "Leb'nun."

That's how they pronounce it.

>> Well, and you know how it's


Lebanon, Lebanon.

>> Well, if you say Lebanon here

you'll get shot.

>> You can't say Lebanon?

>> No.

Out in Tennessee, Eddie is way

more than a fish out of water.

He's more like

the deer in the headlights

that actually gets run over

by the car.

>> I don't have a problem with

Tennessee, baby.

I'm very comfortable in


It's your dad who is slightly

intimidating, is all.

>> What do you mean, my dad,

like, he's a softie at heart.

>> I've seen your dad wrestle

a steer with a cigarette

in one hand.

>> Show him that you're not just

a pretty face.

>> Okay, fine.

Have you been hunting with your

dad ever?

>> I went coon hunting for the

first time with my dad

when I was two.

>> Have you ever killed


>> A raccoon.

>> You did not.

>> Yes, I did.

>> I can't imagine you killing


>> Well, I was young,

I didn't know any better.

That's what I grew up with.

>> And how did you kill

a raccoon?

>> With a shotgun.

>> With a shotgun?

>> Yeah.

>> Then there's nothing

left of the raccoon,

it would just explode.

>> Whatever it is.

I was little,

I was like four or five.

>> The man handed

a four-year-old a shotgun

to hunt raccoons.

That's my father-in-law.

Are you excited to see your dad?

>> Yeah, but I get anxious

when I see my dad.

>> Why?

>> My dad and I have been

through a lot and...

as long as we don't talk about

certain things, it's all good.

My relationship with my dad has

had its moments.

He would coach my softball team

and, you know, from that,

he went into my manager and

producing some of my records.

And we had a very public lawsuit

that we went through together.

It took us a while to kind of

get back to where we are now.

And it amazes me because it's--

a lot of people don't come back

from having that kind

of falling out.

It's better now than I think it

ever was 'cause it's on

everyone's own terms, and

everyone has different

boundaries and...

It's a good thing.

I like having fun with him

'cause that's what we used

to do.

He was a fun dad.

>> Well, then let's have

some fun.