• Season 2, Ep 4

K.Michelle Finds A Fake Diamond Ring

Bobby leaves behind a mysterious engagement ring, which after some investigation, K.Michelle discovers is a fake.

02/22/2016 ยท 1:58

So this deviceis a diamond tester,

so it can separate fromcubic zirconiums.

We're touching...

And it's notmoving at all.

Those are cubic zirconia?Yeah.

I'm (bleep)not only speechless

but I am thrilledin the inside.

Yeah, you wearfake jewelry.

My God,you are a loser.

I meanand here's the thing.

If these were alldiamonds, right,

they'd beclose to a karat each.

Each one of these stones

would be worth, you know,thousands of dollars.

And we touch itand of course...

(Jonathan)Girl, that (bleep)done even move.

Oh, Jesustake the wheel!

(Jonathan)Those are little diamonds.

Those at least havegot to be real.

They're miniscule.

(Patrick)I'd have to take a closer lookat this, but right off the bat,

it looks like the emeraldis synthetic.

Oh!So it's man-made.

This (bleep) got a bagfull of bull(bleep).

Let me ask you this.(Patrick)Yeah.

For some reason, he hasa female engagement ring.


What is that?

Is that real?


These are allcubic zirconiums.

Oh my God.

Girl, you can't evenrip these stones off

to sew 'em on your (bleep)costumes for stage.

This is embarrassing.


Sir, where would you evenbuy a chain like that,

in a mall cart?

You canbuy it anywhere.

You can buy it downtownin the jewelry district.

You can buy it on-- you can buyit on the Venice Boardwalk.

On the Venice Boardwalk.

Well, you can buy--

I'm dating--I dated a man

that got jewelry offthe Venice Boardwalk.

(Patrick)Well, but you can buy...

The whole relationship,he presented hisself

as this personthat he never was.

I have just depreciatedthe value of my hot pocket.


That is just ridiculous.

Everything is fakein the whole damn bag.

I'm just gonnasip this drink.