• Season 3, Ep 2

Shanda and Willie Confront Kyesha

After Shanda questions Willie about the text messages, she and Willie meet with Kyesha in the parking lot where more secrets are revealed.

08/20/2016 ยท 3:10

Is that not your number?

Yeah, it's definitelymy number.

That's definitelymy hats, too.

This is definitely your texts.

Right?Right, so--

So why-- why-- Why you justcan't be real with me?

What you want me to sayabout Kyesha?

I don't like her, don't givea (bleep) about her.

Ain't never seen her.So what are we talking about?

There should never be a womanto ever step to me

to tell me about my husband.

Okay, well, tell her to comeand talk to you in front of me.

I'm gonna call her,she's gonna come here.

Don't worry, Willie, I'm onestep ahead of you.

I got this ho on hold, but rightnow, I wanna hear from you.

Why did you send the--I don't know, man.

I must have beenfeeling myself that day.

I'm sorry,I apologize for that.

Oh, so you think that (bleep)cool?It's definitely not cool.

You stupid mother (bleep).You're stupid.

You're (bleep) stupid,you (bleep) ass.

You-- You allowed that (bleep)to (bleep) happen.

Tell her to come.

What to happen?

You allowed her to be ableto have something

to come and talk to me about.

Tell her to come.Come on, let's go.

Gonna settle this (bleep)right now.

I knew Willie right off the batwouldn't admit what he's done.

I know who I'm dealing with.

So let's all get together,

so we can get to the bottom ofthis (bleep).

There she is.

So you're looking forattention, huh?

Willie, but you're hittingmy line up at--

You really think I give a(bleep) about you?

But you're hitting my line up at3:00 in the morning, asking me--

When?Are you serious?

I showed Shanda the--I don't give a (bleep).

Come on, man, with them damnchitlin loaves, man.

Get the (bleep) out of here.Chitlin loaf?

(bleeps)Let's not get--

Don't-- Don't do that.Let me tell you something.

Don't do it, sweetie.I did (bleep) up.

Okay, that's fine.I (bleep) upand I love my wife.

I don't give a (bleep)about you.Don't do that.

You can getthe (bleep) gone.

Have you ever felt likeI gave a (bleep)?

You still telling meyou love me, right?

When?Are you serious?

It's in the (bleep)text messages!

Are you serious?

You got me (bleep) up.

I tell my fans,"Love you, too, bae."

Are you serious?Willie.

I don't wantto hear (bleep)

'cause you're heretrying to (bleep)--

'Cause that's the reason why Itold you about the pregnancy.

What pregnancy?Are you serious?!

What are you talking about?

We been off and on since 2004all the way up until now.

Kyesha--Guess what?

Nobody gives a (bleep)about the past like that.

Actually, there is somebody thatgive a (bleep) about the past,

and that's me.

She claims to have been pregnantby my husband

and carrying on a (bleep)relationship for over a decade.

Why wouldn't I give a (bleep)about that?

These are some seriousaccusations,

and Willie better start makingsense of it all, right now.

You hit my line up trying to--

I don't give a (bleep)about you! You suck ass!

What am I talking to you for?

Well, why did you meet upwith me, then?Never. Why?


No, (bleep), I'm gonnatell the truth.

You came out here for somebum-ass dumb (bleep).

Seriously,tell the (bleep) truth.

So Willie's sitting up hereacting like

he don't even knowwho the hell I am,

but every time he comes toChicago, he's in my bed.

Willie keep playing this backand forth game

between me and Shanda.

He tells me that he loves me,

and I'm here to see if that'sreally true.

I'm done withthe situation,

and I'll deal withwhat I gotta deal with.

Okay. Bye.But you? Come on.

We don't have nothingto talk about.

Okay.Nothing to talk about.

Good luck to you.Nothing to talk about.

Y'all can deal with that(bleep), 'cause I'm done.

I have never done anythingto this chick

that she would ever feel thather presence

is ever wanted here in L.A.

talking to my wifeabout anything.


What the (bleep)I'm finna do?

Leave my wife of ten years andget with her?

Stop playing with yourself.You know what it was.

I know what what is.Get the (bleep) outta here.

That's the reason why you(bleep) in 2.5 seconds, boo.