• Season 1, Ep 3 · Bonus

Monyetta Hard At Work

Monyetta scouts out a possible venue with a friend for her upcoming trunk show.

08/25/2014 · 2:42

Hey, what's up?Hey!

Oh, my gosh,you look awesome.Thank you.

My good friend Keisha KnightPullman and I are going

to Rock Spa to lookat the venue,

see how we're gonna set upeverything for my trunk show

for Emerlyn & Esther Boutique.

This is the space,the area.

Of course, put all the clotheson these racks here.

Okay.Shoes here,some accessories.

Okay.I love the space.Yeah.

So I think definitely mycustomers will love it.

A lot of people, you know,still don't know about it.

And I know you've beenasking me

about this little thingright here.

I'm thinking about possiblychanging it to something else,

Why not?Like earrings,necklace.

Just do it. Do it!Yeah?

Yeah, but it's just like,I love right hand rings,

you know my thing.

Still, looking at it andknowing he helped design it,

and it's just like, it's stillso much wrapped into this ring

that I can't--

Looking at it is just--

It's a material thing.Exactly.

Whatever.Don't give it that much power.

So you know we do the women--Our lunch every week.

Everybody's so nice, and it'sgood to, you know, be around

people that really knowswhat you're going through.

You know, everybody's divorcedand I didn't quite make it

to the altar,but you know.

You just missed outon some paperwork.

I know, and our situationis so different,

'cause you know, we still--

Absolutely.You know, live together and...

He's the fatherof your children.

And he still--He's an amazing guy.

He really is.Absolutely.

I know some peoplelooking at me like, what?

Why you-- And that's whyyou ain't--

It's not about that.Just bless their hearts.

Yeah, seriously.That's their stuff.Yeah.

Whoever it makes sense toor doesn't make sense to,

they're not living your life,they're not privy to everydetail,

every interaction, everythingthat you go through,

so make decisions based on whatworks for you and your family.


You know, 'cause when you fighton their level, when you

interact on their level, whenyou conversate, you're pulled

into their energy.Exactly.

And then they're--

And I don't need negativeenergy in my life.

No, leave that be,let them have it.

And like I was saying, yeah.

And is this a person opinionwho you give two, about?

I mean, you know.

Do you care?It's a sisterhood.

Everyone is entitledto their opinion.

No, absolutely.

However, just becauseit's their opinion,

it doesn't have toalter the trajectory

of your life, who you are,how you feel about yourself,

and what you choosefor yourself.

Oh, no, they would neverdo that, yeah.

That's their stuff.Yeah.

Exactly, I love when yousay that all the time.

That ain't my stuff.That's not your stuff.

That's their stuff, right?That's their stuff.

I love it.