• Season 3, Ep 10

Natalie and Mike Unleash Their Inner Artists

On their first date, Natalie and Mike pain nude portraits of each other.

08/24/2016 ยท 2:07

>> NATALIE: Oh my gosh.

We're painting.

>> No, no. No, no.

>> I love painting.

>> I love it.

But it doesn't love me.

We're gonna have, like, a little

"Titanic" theme.

>> Ah.

A little leg going like that?

>> Put your hand...here.

>> Like that?

>> And you have to put your leg

like this.

>> This makes me look gay.


>> Okay, I'll use this for your


>> Yeah, use the whitest thing

you've got on there for my body.

>> [laughing]

Why are you single?

>> I believe in the Romeo and

Juliet effect.

>> Oh, well, we're like Jack and

Rose right now.

>> Yeah, exactly.

There you go.

>> Ooh.

Your arm's a little big.

>> It make me just look

like--like I work out.


>> Gonna need a smaller brush

for this.

I've never painted a naked man.

But I didn't want to lie.

An artist never lies.

Oh yeah.

And I'm an artist.

I'm trying really hard to make

things accurate here.

Oh, God.

>> [laughing]

>> NATALIE: Are you ready to see

your masterpiece?

>> I'm extremely ready.

>> Oh my God.

That looks exactly like me.

I think that's a little bit


But it's all right.

>> Sorry. After all the, like,

penises I've seen, you'd think

I would get it right, but--

it's still hard.

>> Well, it's not--it's not


That's the problem.

>> Oh.

>> Everything was proportioned,

besides the goods, which is a

little upsetting.

It shows that she thinks smaller

of me.

All right, your nose is not like

that in real life, okay?

I have to let you know that.

>> I look like Professor Snape.

>> [laughing]

>> The date is definitely going

a lot better than Mike's


I'm able to be goofy with him

and fun, and how can you not

laugh when Mike laughs?

>> [laughing]

>> This is a really fun date.

>> Yeah?

I think that she's into me, and

I'm into her.

So, hopefully she picks up what

I'm putting down.


>> Perfect.