• Season 4, Ep 10

Alicia Tells Ang About Eddie's Sentence

Alicia calls Ang to tell her about her Eddie's sentencing and what their future has in store.

02/06/2014 · 1:34

(phone beeping)

>> Hello?

Hi, Alicia.

What are you doing, my love?

Oh, what?

What happened?

That is so good.

I'm so excited.

I told you things were gonna

work out.

Thank God.

I think Eddie getting a longer

sentence would have been awful

for everybody.

They're probably gonna give

him very strict parole when he

comes home, 'cause that's what

they do.

You know what, that's what they

do-- that's called supervised


It's very common, so he's not

getting anything different than

anybody else.

Alicia's boys need their father

back home.

Now Alicia can put her family

back together.

Have you told the kids yet?

I'm happy for you.

I'm happy for Eddie and the


Next, we have to wait for your

sentence, right?

We have to keep our fingers

crossed that you don't get any

prison time.