• Season 3, Ep 2

Princess Claps Back At Moniece

During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee, Princess has some choice words for Moniece about her past relationship with Ray J.

08/22/2016 ยท 2:19

Now, I normally don't dointerviews,

but since I've already beendoing press on the wedding,

I decided to do a piece forHollywood Unlocked.

Jason.Hey, Princess.

I was finally able to getPrincess in for an interview.

She thinks she's coming in totalk about her wedding to Ray,

but what I really need to talkto her about

is how Moniece is running allaround town

talking about how she (bleep)her man.

You know I gotta getthe exclusive.

Princess, thank you so muchfor sitting down with us.

I know that you don't dointerviews with people.


And so I appreciate youtrusting Hollywood Unlocked

to tell your side ofthe story, so thank you.

Thank you for having me.

Getting ready to talkwith you today--

Clearly, we had to see--

You know, what's going on inthe world of Princess and Ray J?

And then I ran across thisinterview with Moniece.

One of the things that shesaid in the interview was,

she hit it first.

You invite me here to do a pieceon my wedding

and then you hit me with thisMoniece bull (bleep)?

Now, I should haveknown better.

Jason is one of the messiestpeople in Hollywood.

But (bleep) it.You wanna take it there?

I'll take it there.

Let's talk about this bitchMoniece.

I asked Ray about it and I'mlike, look, just, you know,

tell me what's up, because Idon't want to be blindsided.

He's like, I (bleep) that girlone time at a party,

do you know what I mean?

Like, bitch, you're just the(bleep) that got (bleep)

at a party when you were 19

and five of his homeys (bleep)you since then.

These are her words.

"And really,I think her issue

"is that my introduction to the(bleep) was through family.

"Her, she had to (bleep)and (bleep)

"through an entireteam of (bleep)

and she just so happenedto get saved by one."

Your introduction to what?

Getting (bleep) at a party?

First of all,he didn't even (bleep).

He stopped (bleep) you 'cause hesaid you were disgusting.

That was when he was, like,in his crazy days, you know?

He was 19.Mm-hmm, yeah.

Yes, Moniece, you got (bleep)by Ray J.

Who the (bleep) cares?

You want a (bleep) cookie?

The bitch is not relevant.

Ray doesn't even remember whenit happened.

Or maybe he's trying to makehimself forget. I would, too.

I'm sick and tired of her havingme and Ray's name in her mouth.

She needs to go somewhere

before I slap them big-ass,tired-ass bags off her eyes

and smack that smirkoff her face.

So, if you had tosend a message,

one message to Moniece,what would you say?

Be ready.

'Cause I'm coming for you,bitch.