• Season 4, Ep 13

Stevie J Reveals His Plan To Scrappy

Stevie J tells Scrappy about his magazine plan with Margeaux to seek revenge on Nikko.

07/20/2015 ยท 3:34

Bartender, can we get a drinkand a light over here?

It seems that Freakoand his freakette

are making things a littleuncomfortable for Mimi.

And I, for one,would love to help her out.

And as the new partnerin "Scrilla Guerilla Magazine,"

I may be ableto do just that.

So what's this?The paperwork for our thing?

Yeah, man, I hadthe attorneys put together

our partnershipand everything.

Okay, make it official.

It's time to take thisto a whole nother level.

But you have a partner,we got no choice but to do it.Right.

One of the things that I've beenworking on behind-the-scenes

is hooking upwith my man Daze

and helping him outon his new magazine.

I know about the magazinebusiness from my past endeavors.

And when my man Daze was lookingfor a partner in a magazine,

he knew exactlywhere to come.

Margeaux, though.We on it.

I'm gonna have my peoplescontact them.

Bring her aroundlike a boomerang.

Yeah, sound good to me.You know what I mean?

Yo, yo, Scrap!It's been a minute, fam.

Long time.What's up, brother?God bless.

Man, I done came outthe cigar box shop,

you know what I'm saying?

Get a couple of "stizzokes,"you feel me?

And I look to the "sizzide"and guess who I see

holding up "kizzort"?

Stevie J.

Now, I know we done hada couple little dusts

back in the "dizzay,"you know what I'm saying?

A couple little years ago,but as men,

we done squashedall that stuff, man.

And it's alwaysgood to see the homie.

That's my partner,Daze in the magazine.

Yo, we got our magand all that popping off.

You got the magazine?"Skrilla Gorilla" joint.

Listen, we gottawrap this up.Stevie got a magazine?

I gotta roll out, too, bro.Yeah, you gotta gohandle the issue.

See, Scrappy thought Idisrespected his baby mama

and Joseline jumped in mydefense and was ready to rumble.

It was a big mess.

I'm not on that trip anymoreand neither is Scrappy.

See, we're older and wiser

and we're more soberthan we were last time.

Just think, man,a few years ago,

we was tussling oversome broads and all that.

Some bull (bleep).And they don't (bleep) no more.

Exactly, man.That was then.

I was wiling then,popping mollies

and doing all type ofstupid (bleep),

you know what I'm saying?I was, too.

You know who saidthey knew you?What's that?

Miss Robinat the rehab spot.

You know I had to goto the rehab spot.

Oh, my God!

Hey, bro...Yo, I did 30 days.

Me and Stevie, man, we went tothe same exact rehab facility.

I mean, and they must bedoing something good

because me and my dog Stevie,we came out as better men.

Listen, I'm trying to getall up in here, you feel me?Okay.

Now you thinking long term.

That's what I'm tryingto say to you.So, look...

I'm trying to get somebody elsein that joint right now, too.

What's up, who that?Dude, Nikko...

his wife is, um,is in the A.


What's the plan, though?

The plan is my partneris gonna find her,

bring her to the photos,get her--

do the photo shootand all that, right?

And not even let her knowI'm involved in it.

No, you ain't.Yeah, you know, I figure--

I figure I'll just give her alittle photo shoot and a story.

I've always got a goodrevenge plot up my sleeve.

And what's the funof having a magazine

if I can't use it towreak havoc on the lives

of those that havedone me wrong?

See, Freako hasspent the last year

trying to eat offthe mother of my child.

And I think it's time for himto taste his own medicine.

Now, I'm about to makesome money off his wife.

Oh, you just gonna go in.I'm gonna be all in.

Like Flynn.Oh, my God.

So this fool Steviecrazy, right.

He got this littlecrazy little plot

to lure Nikko's "wizzife"

into his little Stevie's lair,you know what I'm saying?

Now, I don't know how thatgonna work out for him,

but I gotta give it to the fool,you know what I'm saying?

Stevie got some originality.

What's gonna happenwhen-- when mini-man

come up to you and...I mean, listen, man.

You know, he's gonna feelsome kind of way.

I'll wrinklehis school clothes.

You know what I'm saying?