• Season 3, Ep 7

Princess Leaves Ray J Stranded In Hollywood

When Ray J surprises Princess with the Scoot-E-Bike billboard, she leaves him stranded to the street.

09/22/2016 ยท 2:52

(Princess)Where are we going?

We about to hit the gym,but I'm about to makea detour real quick.

The gym is right upthe street from the house.

Where are we going?

Baby, I got something I needto show you around the corner.


Can I get some coffee?Can I get--

No, you can't.Can I get an espresso?

You can't, we can'tdo nothing you wanna do

'cause we don't ever getto do nothing I wanna do.

Did you show upto the cake shop the other day?


Do you show up to anythingI ask you to show up to?

First-- first off...

Do you feel like I'm supposedto go taste cake by myself?

It's not the end of--

Because you didn't show upto the meeting.

How it taste?

I know Princess is mad at mefor missing the cake tasting,

but I did somethingvery special for her,

her and I'm gonna show the worldwe are gonna connect

after she sees this,and I hope that she sees

that I'm alwayscoming from love.

I'm just...Actually,you know what?

We're not having cake.

That hurts my feelings.

We're gonna havegummi bears and--

and French toastand syrup and candy.

We're not having no cake.

Are you out of your mind?

Listen--I just solved the problem.

No. I got something that's gonnasolve the problem, all right?

When Princess sees my gesture oflove, she's gonna be speechless.

This is gonnaconnect the dots

like it has neverconnected before.

Ray J is coming home, baby.

Look up, baby.


When he's supposed to behelping me plan a wedding,

he's busy with Scoot-E Bikes.

When I ask him for help,he's planning a billboard.

And then to make it up to me,he puts me on the billboard.

Hold on, hold on, baby.What is wrong with you?

What you mean,what's wrong with me?

Nothing's wrong with me.

What is that?

(grunting)Baby, I just need you

to get one picture of meon the Scoot-E Bike.

I'm not taking no pictures.No, baby.

I need youto get one picture.

I've taken all the picturesthat I needed to take for you.

Stop, like, why you can'tbelieve in my dream?

You can't do anythingthat I ask you to do,

and it's pissing me off,and it's making me mad,

and it's frustrating me.

I feel like kicking the (bleep)out that Scoot-E Bike right now.

Like, damn, I can'tdo nothing right!

I did this big-ass billboardon Hollywood Boulevard

to showcase that me and Princessare as solid as ever,

and the Scoot-E Bikesare taking over the world,

and here we aretogether, baby.

Right there!

It reminds me of the dayyou promised me you were gonna

make every meeting,you were gonna be there

with me 50%, and nowyou're complaining.

That don't look like money?You're acting like I'm wrong.

That lookslike money to me.

What money?That looks like--

I didn't get no moneyfor being on that billboard.

I got you, though.

You know whatI want you to do?

I want you to have mein this wedding.

Take my picturein front of this damnScoot-E Bike real quick,

so I can get fly,you know what I'm saying?

Princess, for real.Like, take the pic--

Hey! Yo!




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