• Season 3, Ep 11

Where Were You When Jelena Howard Was Shot?

Ahsha, Zero, Jude, and Sloane are questioned about their whereabouts when Jelena was shot inside Devils Arena.

09/01/2016 · 1:19

So where exactlyin the arena were you

when Jelena Howard was shot?

Food court?

Rehearsal studio?

I don't know,I didn't hear anything.

Hard to miss a gunshot.

It's a big arena.

You have quite the historywith Miss Howard, huh?

Some of it pretty public.

Find somebody who didn'thave history with her.

So, where were youwhen she was shot?

The locker room.

Was that before or after

you smashed the posterof Miss Howard?

There was a fightbetween me and him.

It had nothingto do with Jelena.

So where were you?

The loading dock.

Heading out.

You seem tense.

I always seem tense,but I'm fine.

I was in the main entrance.

We'd had a conversation there.

So you had a conversation,she left, got shot,

and you were still there?

Must have beena hell of a chat, huh?

It was a fight.

I was upset.

I had just found outJelena stole the Devils

and used my mom to do it.

Found out from who?


Terrence Wall, her fiancé?


"Hit the Floor:'Til Death Do Us Part,"

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