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07/11/2016 · 4:56

- Hello.- Hey, mama. How are you?

- I'm good.- You're looking s--

Even though there's some issues between all of us girls,

Shaunie and I are ina really good place.

We pretty much alwaysstay in that place

because there'sa mutual respect.

When you got two bosses,two queens, you get that.

Your body, Shaunie,what have you been doing?

Like, I don't--

- Suckin' it in.[laughs]

Holdin' my breath.

That's what I've been doing.

- [bleep], girl,I'm freaking out right now.

Doug has a huge opportunity

that just got offered to him.

Coaching is his love, and theyoffered him a coaching position.

- Oh, that's awesome.- And--thank you.

If he took it,he'd have to leave now.

That means my career stopsbecause, you know--

- You going.- [laughs]

- Where would he be going?

- He would go to Reno firstand coach there.

Then he would go onto either Sacramento

or one of the other teams.

- Jackie has got to be one ofthe most possessive women

I've ever met.

I mean, she doesn't want anyonelooking at Doug,

talking to Doug.

Don't rub against Doug.

- He has a strong sex drive.

I know it'stoo much information,

but who gonna satisfy that?

He's every day, all day,Shaunie,

two, three times a day.

I can't imagine himbeing loose somewhere

and I'm not therebut once a week.

What's gonna happen?

- What does he dowhen you're not around now?

- Nothing.- Okay.

- He waits for meand then I check everything

to make sure everything is--- You check?

- Yeah. You got to make sure.If you look and it looks empty,

that means he's done somethingwhile I was gone to himself.

He wouldn't do itwith anyone else, but, like--

- If it looks empty?- Yeah you can--

if they're--if they're not heavy--

they have to be full,their balls.

If they're not full,that means they've been emptied.

So who emptied them?

- Oh, okay, okay.

- You didn't check that?- Nope.

- It's called the ball status check.

You have to make surethey're on full.

If it's light,you got some talking to do.

Now you get what I'm saying.

So what should I do?Let him go?


- I really don't see itbeing a problem, Jackie.

You could pop in in one dayand come back

if he's having a hard timeup there.

You don't want him to get light.

- Okay, that's it.

That's what I'm gonna do.

How's Brandi? Have you seen her?

- Girl, why the hellyou asking me how Brandi is?

That is one person thatI don't ever have to talk to

again in life.

- In life? Oh, my God.

- I don't have a problemwith Brandi.

I didn't have a problemwith Brandi

when we were in Puerto Rico,

but I guessshe got a problem with me.

- You act likeyou're better than this group,

and you have this littlesnobby-ass attitude,

and you treat uswith disrespect.

You are a bitch.

- What rubbed me the wrong waywas after Puerto Rico.

Like, I thought--she called mea million times.

She apologized several times.

I said, "Of course,you know, no problem."

Even if she does feelI'm a bitch, that's okay.

I'm fine with that.

Then, like,she's doing interviews

about how Shaunie don't knowwhat she talking about.

She can't this. She can't that.

That's when you havedisrespected me

on a entirely different level

because, really,I brought you to this table.

- That's right.

I understand exactly where Shaunie's coming from

when it comes to Brandi.

The things that she said,

the names that she called her,

it's just unnecessary.

Don't do that.

She should just be a woman

and just say, "I'm sorry,"simple as that.

I don't even knowif Brandi's coming back.

If she is coming back to LA,

I think she owes you an apologyif you would take it.

- Well, she damn sure does,

but you know, if I don't get it,

knowing how she feels,

I can now put you in a bracket

or a place in my world.

[dramatic music]

[hip-hop music]

- Hi, ladies.- Hi.

Jason's away in China.

He's playing basketball there,

so right now I'm in Dallastaking care of my son.

The last timethat I saw the girls in LA

it didn't go so well.

- It ain't about me.

It was about y'alland making sure that--

- You skip and hopto every reality show

that'll give youa [bleep] check,

you thirsty sugar mama.

- She really attackedmy character.

- I thought thatshe was being a bitch.

I'm trying to decideif going back to LA

is going to bethe best decision for me.

Duffey and I, we're both from Dallas,

and I've known Duffeyfor forever.

We're so close, she's just--she's like mylittle sister.

- Girl, I'm so happy to havea break and girls night.

I am Duffey.

I'm a DJ, a photographer,a mom.

I'm engaged to Iman.

He is a basketball agent,

and he's very successful in his business.

You know, he's the boss.

So what's up? What's going on?