• Season 2, Ep 3 · Interview

Hit The Floor: Off The Court With James LaRosa + Season 2, Episode 3

Series creator James LaRosa explains what needs to happen for Ahsha and Jelena to become friends, recaps Lionel's feelings for Pete, and discusses Kyle's relationship with Pavle.

06/09/2014 · 3:05


Hi, I'm Maggie and welcometo "Inside The Arena"

where we takeyou behind the scenes

to chat with the people whorun Devil's Nation.

Here today is Devil Girlcaptain Jelena Howard.

Jelena how are you?

I'm so great--How are you?


Last week, we chattedwith Ahsha

and she toldus great things about

the team All-Starsand you.

Oh... she issuch a sweetheart.

You know, I'm so happyfor her.

Winning All-Starsis a big accomplishment

and to be honest, itwas getting

a little bitridiculous how many times

I was winningin a row.

So... thank you,Ahsha for winning

You've given me some timeon my hands, you know,

to deal with businessand our new director, so...

Our new director-- We justfinished our second

arena danceunder Sloane's direction.


What's itlike working with her?

Oh, Sloane is sointeresting, you know.

She has come backinto the arena after

what is it-- 30--no, 20 years...

(chuckling)I think beingout of the arena

and, um, things havechanged.

You know, music has changed,the dance style has changed,

but she is very eager and hasgotten right in there.

Um... it's not aneasy job, but kudos to her,

she's done a brilliant,brilliant job at it.

Um...I really admire her.

I do... I do wonderhow she's gonna deal

with her bestfriend's...Hmm.

it's a tough subject.

It wouldbe hard for anyone,

but, um, I'm sure she'sgonna be great at it.

And how are youdoing with Olivia's loss?

You know, surprisinglybusiness is kind of booming.

Our merchandise saleshave gone up,

We've gota couple of more gigs,

It's been really good.

I mean, how are you doingemotionally?

Oh... um...

I'm sorry-- Can we cutfor a second?

I'm sorry, do you--That's okay.

Do you mindjust taking, um, the...

just ask me againRight.

So how are you doingwith the loss of Olivia?

It's... it's, uh,really hard.


Olivia and Iwere really close...

and I was the first Devil Girlout of all of you guys

Right.... to know her

and, um,we actually hosted

the Hollywood Hopesgala together.

It was beautiful--It was a lot of fun.

Four years ago-- It seemslike so long ago.

Four years ago, thatwas 2010.

Wasn't that hosted by...

Jada--Yeah, it was Olivia and I

and we were a forceto be reckoned with.

That Olivia was justlarger than life

and not a day goes bythat I don't think about her.

I will say, if youdon't mind,

I'd like to addressthe public for a moment.

There's been a lot of chattermilling about

regarding the howand the when and the why

surrounding her death

and I personally believethe rumors should stop.

I would like to putan end to it right now.

We should be focusing oncelebrating her life,