• Season 3, Ep 4

Ona Is All About David's Junk

When David meets Ona, he is caught off-guard by her staring and obsession with his naked body.

07/13/2016 ยท 2:04

>> I feel like the more I open

up to Sarah, the more Sarah

opens up to me.

So it's definitely going to be

tough for this date to measure


But I'm ready to meet another

great woman, meet another great

naked woman.

Well, hello.

>> Hi.

>> How you doin'?

>> Good. How are you?

>> I'm doing well. Gimme a hug.

>> Hi. I'm Ona.

>> Ona. I'm Dave.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> My pleasure.

>> Like I'm single at this point

in my life, because I'm past all

the--the foolery.

I want somebody my age, and he's

hip, but he's not hood.

And I want to have kids.

So, like, I want this guy to

already be prepped.

>> Where you from, Ona?

>> Virginia Beach.

>> Virginia Beach.

>> Yeah. Where you from?

>> I'm from Ohio, but I live in

Atlanta now.

>> Oh nice.

>> So what do you do, Ona?

>> I'm a financial rep.

>> Good for you.

>> What do you do?

>> Well, I have a consulting


>> Oh cool.

>> You comfortable?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> You didn't even glance down.

Not that I saw.

>> Well, now I am.

>> Ah! Look at you.


>> Now I am.

>> Okay, that was a long--that

was a stare.

Ona's funny, you know?

She's obviously a pretty big


I didn't get as much eye contact

as I'm accustomed to.

I'm like, "Ona!


You definitely got an eyeful, I


>> I know.

And I'm gonna keep looking.

>> Hey, you know--

>> Because I look for lumps and

bumps and things like that.

So, yeah.

That's my thing.

I'm a germophobe and I have a

thing where I want my guy to

spray hydrogen peroxide down


Don't let me be surprised when I

go down and I'm like oh [bleep].

Turn around.

>> You're gonna look at my


You goin' tell me you want

to look at my booty and then you

want me to turn around and--

>> I want to look.

Can you turn around?

>> My quick turn.

My quick turn, quick turn.

>> Oh, you have a big booty.

>> I got--argh!

That's why I didn't want to turn


>> I stared really long and hard

looking for anything strange.

I can sense his clean pattern.

Like, I can tell if he's clean,

I can smell, I can do everything

I need to do and he passed

flying colors.

You're so cute.

You look like a Calvin Klein


>> You gonna make me blush.

You're gonna make me turn red.

I'll be red and black.

>> David is like my everything.

I am so sorry.

>> No, it's all right.

Oh my God.

I can't believe these situations

I get myself into.