• Season 5, Ep 14 · Bonus

K.Michelle Gives Ariane Music Advice

K.Michelle talks to Ariane about the music business and the reality of the situation.

07/11/2016 · 2:36

The album is-- is really that(bleep) colorful-ass video.

It's fun.

This album was fun,I'm not crying.

I need the fun,because I know--

Yeah, man.People don't know the fun K.

No, they don't.They think I'm always angry.

Of course!They think I'm always,like, "Mm-mmm."

Of course. I-- I hearsomething different,

and now, evenin your music, I'm like,

now I'm out here workingon my (bleep) music now, too.

You have to dowhat you want to do.

Yeah.But you got to know whatyou're getting yourself into.


I expect to go as far as Godis gonna take me with this,

and that's where I am.

I'm solely basedin my faith with this.

You do seem likeyou're passionate, I just,

you know, for me,I want people

to be very passionateabout music.

And the state of musicright now,

everybody picks up one dayand say, "I wanna be a singer."


Everybody's a singer.

Of course.

Karlie's a singer.

No...Mimi's a manager.

Rasheeda is a rapper,

and we knowthat's a tragedy.


Yeah, but you know,you know.

Broke bitchesjust run their mouth.

We ain't going there.

I-- I'm my own woman.

Girl, your friendsis some animals.

You know they ain'tno (bleep) animals.

They just-- they justhave their things--

Girl, them girls needto be behind cave

and fed meals at a time.

I don't think it's fairthat people can walk into

the music arena...I agree!

...just when all else failsor something like that.

All of these girls,they hop in there,

they do this auto-tune,they poppin' they (bleep),

they padding it for a hot wingor something, I don't know.

It just--It's always something.

I-- I--

And it makes it hardfor the people.


I don't feel like your energyis conducive to do music.

'Cause you feel likeI'm too nice?


But I'm not alwaysmild and meek,

and that's the thing.

Like, I'm passionate aboutwhat I'm passionate about.

Th-This--This has not happened yet.

So I know when I'm standingin what it is that I love,

I will be able to own itand hone in it.

I don't know, Ariane.

I want you to be happy.

Me, too.

And that is the genuinefriend in me.

I wanna be happy

and I want my (bleep)to be all the way dope,

the way that I knowthat it can be.

You know whatI mean, K?

Yeah, I want youto follow your dreams,

but I also wantto be able to...

As you should.

Tell you the truth.As you should.

So I'm supportiveof you being great.

And I appreciate you.

As a whole.I do.

Because I honestly feellike you're a great person.

Thank you.