• Season 3, Ep 7

Natalie Feels Disrespected By David

When Natalie's conversation with Lance gets interrupted by David's two dates, Natalie becomes extremely upset with David.

08/03/2016 ยท 3:05

>> Honestly, I really had a good

time tonight.

Like, I'm crushing a little.

>> Good. 'Cause I am too.

>> Yeah?

>> Uh-huh.

>> I just want to have fun...

with you.

I'm just trying to think...

>> NATALIE: I have a lot of

bumps and bruises from this


>> Where? Your leg?

>> Yeah. Don't be so rough.

>> There's no point.

Just let 'em [bleep] do their

talking. Like...

>> So what?

>> Are you going to interrupt


>> Let's go.

>> I can't wait to see this.

>> I believe you have to play

the game, not let the game play


And I think, last night, I let

the game play me.

So I see Natalie and Lance

talking again and I decided to

interrupt them.

Like, let's play this game, see

how she likes it.

Is there a connection here or


>> There's a little


Why are you shaking your head?

>> No.

I see where her connection is.

Be honest.

Like, do you feel like there's a

connection here?

>> Well I haven't really had the

chance to do--get to know him


>> Right.

I'll give you--I'll give you

guys five minutes.

>> Yeah.

>> Let's go.

>> Five minutes for them.

>> All right, I guess.

>> Oh my goodness.

>> This is so uncomfortably


>> I can tell that Varshay is

starting to fear me a little bit

and that I am competition for


>> What'd you say?

>> I just told her that I knew

it wasn't a connection there.

>> [gasps] Damn!

>> And then he just--

>> DAVE: What you going to say

when you go interrupt this time?

>> Five minutes is over.

>> Oh my God.

>> [laughing]

>> I can't wait.

>> And David is cracking up

thinking this is the funniest

thing ever.

If he's not going to take action

and kiss me, then he has to let

me do my own thing.

I'm not going to be strung


That's not fair.

>> The first time I met you, I

was, like, excited.

Like, wow, she's really pretty.

>> DAVID: Go!

>> We're about to get


>> Here again.

>> Kiss, kiss for a lie.

>> Aww...

>> [laughing]

>> VARSHAY: Let's go talk,

because I gave you guys five


Oh, maybe I...

>> Maybe.

>> She really came.

I'm going in the shower.

>> Wait up. Wait up now.

You chill.

>> I'm going to shower.

I'm going in the shower.

>> I'm just so mad right now.

I heard their entire


I would never let one of my

dates interrupt him.

And the fact that he is letting

this happen is a huge slap in

the face.

>> What's going on?

>> You tell me.

>> I'm about to shower.

>> I'm not dumb.

I was hearing you all the whole


>> I was laughing my ass off.

>> It's not funny.

I'm not here to get my dates

broken up by your dates.

>> Ooh.

>> So don't.

>> Hold on.

Did you just give me attitude?

Is that like Nat attitude?

>> NATALIE: Are you kidding me?

>> Damn.

I [bleep] for real.

This ain't good.

This is not good.

So what happened?

>> Can you not talk to me right


>> Can I not talk to you?

I ain't never seen that, having

attitude with me.

But I don't know what I'm

supposed to do at this point.