• Season 3, Ep 6 · Bonus

Willie Comes Clean About Kyesha

While in the studio, Willie finally reveals the truth about what went down between him and Kyesha.

09/19/2016 · 2:18

Ooh, boy.

What's good, man?

I'm in a mother (bleep)tornado, my (bleep).


And it just keepgetting worse, man.

I felt likeit was gonna die

and go to the side, man,but this chick, man.

She's killingmy household, man.

My wife just sent mea letter, and she said

that she wanted to takea break from the marriage, man.

I... I don't wantthat (bleep), bro.

You think she--she's really to the point

where she wannareally leave?

I know it hurt, bro.


And I thinkthat's enough for me,

the fact that it hurt.

It's a bump in the road.

It get hard for meto even find the courage, bro,

to even tell my wife

100% the truthat the moment, bro.

What I haven'ttold her yet, man,

and what I got to,because it's hard for me

to even getto the rebuilding stages, bro,

'cause I'm sitting up there,and I'm telling her that

it's just a text message,and I know that...

that one text messageled to that one time happening,

so it's a one--So it was a one time.

It was a one-time thing, bro,

one-time occurrence, man.

This (bleep) was,like, five minutes, bro,

'cause I knewI was in the wrong place.

Right.I knew I was (bleep),but I had hyped myself up

so much with themweak-ass text messages.

But that day I madethat (bleep) mistake,

blew up into some (bleep)that I can't even get

my ass out ofright now, bro.

And I wish I could.

You gonna make mistakes.

You not perfect.

So when it comes down to it,

it's all abouthow you build from here.

Right,'cause we a team, bro.

And she gottaknow the play.

Exactly, man,you can't have her

out there running aroundthe mother (bleep) court,

and I know the play,and she don't.

(bleep) ain't cool,you know what I mean?

And I knowthat ain't cool.

And I can't put herthrough that,

that's my homey, bro,before anything.

Right.I get all that, bro.

One of the thingsthat I know for a fact,

just becauseI know you and sis.

And you my bro.Right.

So I'm gonnakeep it G with you.

Why?Why what?

Just period--why her, why this chick?

It was just-- we were goingthrough some (bleep), bro,

and my mental wasall the way off, man.

And I just bitwhen I shouldn'thave bit, bro,

and I thinkthat's just the bottom line,

and how stupidit may feel

or stupid--I'm going through it,

so it's definitely stupidlike a mother (bleep).Right.

It's hard to evenget to the courage

to be like,yeah, okay.


Just breathe,(bleep), go to my wife,

and know thatI'm about to give her

a devastating blow, man,

that I never in my lifewanted to do.

But you got to.