• Season 2, Ep 3

Van Spends Time With His Daughter

Van sees Briana for the first time since getting out of jail and talks to her about his experience there.

10/10/2016 · 2:41

♪ I'll be waiting for you

♪ Baby please come home

♪ Nothing else matters

♪ If you don't come home

>> VAN: I just got out of

boot camp, and the hardest

adjustment for me right now is

getting back into the swing of


I mean Chicago is a very

tough city.

There's more African-American

men in jail right now, than

living on the streets of


And I was one of them.

Went to a night club.

Before you know it, I had guns

drawn to my head.

They asked me what I have

in the car.

I said I got a gun in my glove


I was carrying my weapon for


And what I got charged with was

acting like I was gonna use it

and it wasn't that at all.

I was stereotyped, basically.


>> Whaddup?


Baby girl!

>> BRIYANAH: I missed you.

>> VAN: I missed you so much.

I've been waiting, you know,

four months plus to see my


So I'm really just ecstatic,

you know, to have her in my

arms right now.

Give me kisses, give me kisses.


Leaving my child behind was the

most pain that I've ever, ever,

ever felt.

It was striking blows to my

heart, you know, and I, I just

couldn't take it.

>> BRIYANAH: What is this?

>> VAN: It's called a, an ankle


And what this does is,

it monitors my movement.

So I, I'm basically still

arrested under a home

confinement system.

So I gotta stay in the house for

a certain amount of hours.

And I gotta call my parole

officer and ask permission

to go out.

And it, it's for 90 days.

Right now I'm waiting on the

judge to approve a letter from

Ryan so I can go back to work.

I couldn't make any money

those four months that I was

locked up.

So it's very important for me

financially to get back

to the shop.

>> What was happening in there?

>> I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m.

I had to run like a mile

and a half every morning.

You gotta wash up at a certain


It's like everything that these

guys tell you to do, you have to

do it or they would have sent me

to prison.

So I did everything that

I needed to do to be right back

home to you, baby.

>> BRIYANAH: Yeah.

It was like really tough.


>> I love you to death, man.

I'm only living right now

because of you.

There was times I laid in my

bunk, and I just couldn't sleep

because of the pain of knowing

that I couldn't see you.

But it, it, it gave me that

much strength to keep going, and

just keep waking up every

morning, doing what I gotta do

just to get back home to you.

One thing's for sure, two things

for certain.

I'm never, ever gonna be locked

up again.

I'm never going away from my

daughter, ever.

I love you, baby girl.

Man, I'm so happy to see you!