• Season 6, Ep 1

Meet Big Ang and Neil Murphy

With Big Ang's aggressive attitude and high expectations, she and Neil turn to Dr. Jenn for help.

10/07/2015 ยท 2:51

>> Oh, you better get your act

together after all this

I had to go through.

>> What about your act?

Maybe your act

a little together too?

>> No, it's you.

>> It's not all me.

>> The first couple

to arrive at the house

are larger-than-life


from the hit show "Mob Wives."

>> I'm Big Ang from "Mob Wives."

>> And I'm her husband, Neil.

>> But I'm gonna tell you right

now, anybody [bleep] with my

family, I'm going to wreck them

'cause I don't give a [bleep].

Neil and I have been together

seven years, married six.

>> I work for the sanitation


>> Picks up garbage.

Neil is truly

the laziest person I know.

>> I am not lazy.

>> And my whole family

will verify it.

>> Let me tell you something.

I make enough

to support a family

but not the way

she wants to be supported.

>> I like sugar daddies.

I'm no sugar mommy.

>> That's why we fight.

I don't live up

to what she's used to.

Let me see the damage is.

>> I'm sure you'll need

my debit card as usual.

>> I don't need your debit card.

I got my own money.

>> Yeah, okay.


You need to take care of me.

That's what men do.

They take care of their wives.

The wife doesn't take care

of the man.


I will not do it.

I'm very old school.

>> Of course I did.

>> You're a liar.

He lies about every little


>> She don't give me credit

at all.

She just put me down because

that makes her feel strong.

>> He's a liar.

He's a cheater.

>> I ain't a cheater, Ang.

>> I could punch him right now.

>> If I'm at the gym too long,

she accuses me of having

a girlfriend at the gym.

>> I know people

that come out of the gym,

they're like this.

I don't know. What comes out--

>> I work out to keep my back

in shape.

I don't work out to get muscles.

>> Whatever.

This year's been

a pretty rough year.

I went to the doctor thinking

I had strep throat,

and I found out that I had

stage two throat cancer.

Then I thought I was gonna die.

So right away,

I put my house for sale 'cause

Neil ain't getting [bleep].

>> My wife wants to break

my chops and bust my balls.

I'm just over it.

>> If you can't add to my


I don't want you around.

>> Angela's tough attitude

may have worked on "Mob Wives,"

but it's not gonna

cut it around here.

Being in a marriage

isn't about berating your spouse

to be something they're not.

It's about accepting

your partner for who they are,

faults and all.

If Angela can't learn this,

then she's gonna drive Neil

away forever.

>> I'm Sarah.

I'm one of

the in-house counselors.

>> Hi, Sarah.

>> Hi, nice to meet you.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> I'm Neil. Nice to meet you.

>> Hi, nice to meet you.

All right, right this way.

Hot tub and a pool

you're welcome to use anytime

that you're not in therapy.

>> Am I gonna be in therapy

a lot?

>> Depends.

>> This two weeks,

it's all or nothing.

>> You could have some parties

up here.

>> Nah.

I'm not going back to

playing games, throwing you out,

you coming back in.

Those days are long gone.

>> Just me and you, babe.