• Season 2, Ep 4

Ryan Adds Another Artist To The 9Mag Crew

Cobra, a talented and determined artist from Texas, connects with Ryan during her job interview.

10/17/2016 · 3:18

>> Ryan?

>> Hey. What's up?

How you doing?

>> Cobra.

>> Cobra, Cobra.

It's always good to meet new

tattoo artists.

So today I'm meeting with Cobra.

She one of the top tattoo

artists in Houston.

When I heard she was moving to

Chicago, I had to see for myself

if she would be a good artist

fit for 9Mag.

Where the name Cobra come from?

>> I'm not an instigator.

I'm a reactor, just like a


You come up to a cobra, and

you're gonna hit it?

Of course it's gonna kill you.

You know what I mean?

>> So that what everybody call

you? Cobra, just--

>> Like all my friends call me


>> Hold on, wait, wait, wait,


Is it Katherine or Katrina?

>> It's Katherine.

>> Okay.

My track record with girls named

Kat ain't been too successful.

So I'm gonna just call her


I heard about you.

I saw some of your work before.

I see you brought a portfolio?

>> Yes.

>> RYAN: Uh-oh.

>> Do you wanna take a gander?

>> I know--I know there's some

heat in here.

>> ♪

>> COBRA: I've loved tattooing

ever since I was a little kid.

I put everything into my craft.

I put everything I have into


I'm like a force to be reckoned


>> I think it's amazing.

This is probably one of my

favorite pieces.

How did you start tattooing?

>> I've always loved tattoos.

If I didn't have tattooing, I'd

probably be dead by now.

>> How did tattooing save your


>> When I was actually 15 years

old, I got diagnosed with skin


And it changed my outlook on the

world and myself.

I grew up with cancer hating


Why me?

Why this? Why this?

I was skipping school, doing


Trying to kill myself.

I was dancing with the devil.

Then I started finding

tattooing, and that was my

silver lining.

I was able to move forward.

And I was able to find something

that I was finally good at.

That--I'm just getting


That was--

>> RYAN: That's real though.

Like that's [bleep] that--

>> I'm sorry.

>> RYAN: No.

>> [sobbing] When I say it

changed my life, it really did.

>> RYAN: You connected with me

more--more ways than, you know,

than I would think.

You know, like I--I started

tattooing when--you know, right

after my sister passed.

She got killed by her


You know, her and my niece.

And my niece was like 10 months


I mean, it's [bleep].

You know what I'm saying?

He shot 'em.

So...it's a different way you

deal with that [bleep].

You know what I'm saying?

I could have went out and did a

whole bunch of other [bleep]

from what I'm used to.

But I kinda buried all of my

damn pain and just put it into


You know what I mean?

I say like, you know, I solve my

problems under your skin.

You know what I mean?

>> Exactly.

>> I put all [bleep] into it.

Not only is Cobra an amazing

artist, you know what I'm


But I'm connecting with her a

little bit more on a deeper

level than I even expected.

I mean, when you got a traumatic

experience in your life, you

know what I'm saying, you can

use that and either fold or you

could use it and become

something better or greater than

what was you.

Crazy, I mean, connections we

got about why we started up.

Because everybody ain't got

that, some people just wanna

[bleep] draw.

>> I [bleep] bleed, die, kill

for this [bleep].

I really wanna come in, and I

wanna just kill it for you.

>> I know everybody ain't gonna

be happy about me hiring new

artists at the shop.

But I ain't got to get

permission from nobody.

All right, Cobra, I'm gonna give

you a shot at 9Mag.

You say you work hard.

I just wanna see that [bleep]

and see if you can last, 'cause

I refuse to be outworked.

Can't nobody outwork me in this


>> I'm in.

>> ♪