• Season 5, Ep 14

Things Blow Up Between Duffey + Tami

The Portugal trip goes from awkward to violent, when Tami gets physical with Duffey at lunch.

10/09/2016 · 3:23

- I just said everythingI had to say.

I'm sure you heard me.- Okay, I didn't hear you.

- Okay.I feel like--

- I surely didn't hear you.

[all speaking at once]

- Tami's coming for you.

- Wait a minute, Tam.Tam.

- I hope you ready.

- Tam.- We said no, Tam.

[all speaking at once]

- Bitch.- Tami!

- Tami!- Tami, no!

[all shouting at once]

- I'm not scared of nobody,so bring it.

- Tami!

[all yelling at once]

- Duffey, no!

- No!- Stop!

- Bitch, I ain't scared of you.

I ain't scared of you.

- Now she waits till sixmother[bleep] got me

clanked down and I can't movemy arms to swing.

[all yelling]

Black bitch.

Get him off me.

Get him off me.

Please get him off me.

- [bleep], bye, Tami.

- Get him off me.- He's off.

[all speaking at once]

- Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

- Tami.- Let's go.

- You guys, take--take her out.

- Tami, listen.- Take her--

- Tami.- Listen!

[all speaking at once]

- You guys, you got to let herbreathe.

- I got her.I got her.

- Tami, listen.

- The look in Tami's eyesis like, "I will kill you,

"I will eat you,and I will clean the bones,

and then I'll suckthe bones."

- I'm not [bleep] scared of her.

[all speaking at once]

- Get her out of here.Get her out of here.

- It's okay, you guys.Don't get mad.

- Stop touching me!

- I ain't never been scared ofno [bleep]--nobody.

- Brandi, get your stuff.- Listen to me.

- Just get your stuff.

- Brandi, take her out, please.

- Shut the [bleep] uptalking to me!

- Stop!- Stop. Stop.

- Get her!- She good!

- She's not good!- Stop.

- This some dumbass [bleep].

- I'm not gonna let you do that.I'm not!

- You mad 'cause you lying.- I'm not gonna let you do that.

I'm not gonna let you do that.

- You mad 'cause you got caughtin your lies.

You lie.- I'm not gonna let you do that.

- I'm gonna get you, bitch,

and I'm gonna get youwhen you least expect it.

[all speaking at once]

You need to shut up 'causeI told you don't bring

that [bleep] bitch.

- I'm gonna see you again, Tami.

I ain't scared of you.

Everybody else may be,but I'm not.

- It's not happening.

It's not happening.

- Listen!Tami, stop!

We'll go this way.

- I need to get my lighter.

- We got everything.We have everything.

We have everything.

- Okay, Angel--- We have everything.

- I'm still in awe of whatjust happened.

Just give me a day.

Give me a day to digestwhat just happened

and soak my bruisesthat I have now

due to being involvedin the Tami Roman showdown.

- Where they at?

- Here.- They left.

They left.

Duffey and Brandi are gone,and she's calmed down

a little bit, but I can justlook in her face and tell

she has snapped, and she isnot letting this go.

- I'm getting her and I'mgetting mother[bleep] Jackie.

- Okay.

- I just didn't know if she wasstill in the hall, so--

- 'Cause I said don't bringthat bitch 'cause I knew

this was gonna bethe mother[bleep] outcome.

- I did too.- I got y'all.

- Tami, shut up.

- I got y'all.- No, you don't. Stop it.

- Y'all holding me to let thatbitch be able to swing--

- Never.Never, bro.

- Shaunie know better than that.

You know you don't pull a bitch's hair

that's got braids in.

She could have had all my [bleep] laying on the ground

in Portugal pulling my [bleep],popping my edges.

She knows better than that.

Well, I stay in the hotelwith that bitch.