• Season 1, Ep 244

Linda Perry Writes "Beautiful" For Christina Aguilera

Linda Perry helps Christina Aguilera find her vulnerability in the dark, empowering pop ballad of "Beautiful".

07/16/2014 · 3:40

Linda's next collaboration would launch her career

into the stratosphere.

I was growing a lot as an artistand feeling out what my sound

was going to be, andLinda when I met her

It was just pure honesty.

And I said, for what it's worth,I would use that darkness in

you and she was looking at me.

You know, likeexcuse me, what darkness?

I go the darknessthat you're hiding.


♪ And now and thenI get insecure ♪

♪ From all the pain I'm so ashamed ♪

She started playing "Beautiful"and singing it and I just froze.

I immediately connected with it.

It brought tears to my eyes.


♪ And words can'tbring me down. ♪

Christina's going to try tosing a song, and she's very shy.

A lot of people don't know that.

And she's like,don't look at me.

It gave me chills becauseshe revealed her vulnerability.


Don't look at me.

I knew the song was hers.

She introduced me to a whole newside of myself and my voice and

for that I'm truly gratefulto this amazing woman

Miss Linda Perry canI introduce to you.


♪ You are beautiful.

♪ No matter what they say.

♪ Words can't bring you down

The empowering theme of "Beautiful" was embraced

by music fans everywhere, and it became

Christina Aguilera's signature song.

The single went platinum.

Hit number one in seven countries and won Christina

a Grammy for best pop vocal performance.

Thank you, Linda Perry.

Linda Perry for writing anincredible amazing song.

Thank you so much forletting me sing this song.

Thank you so much.

[guitar music]

Linda had achieved morethan she'd ever dreamed.

But with success,came complications.

I took it really personallywhen she started working

with other artists.

Particularly, artiststhat I didn't like.

I don't think imitation isthe highest form of flattery.

I think it's annoying.

She was jealous, and justdidn't like me working with

Christina because shefelt she discovered me.

There's a loyalty therethat she felt I broke.

She started spouting off at themouth about me in the public

and I took thatreally personally.

I duked it out a coupleof times with her about it,

and then we got over it.

Little does Alisha knowthat I thank her all the time.

She was ballsy enough to bringme into her world and say

"Let's do something,because I believe in you."

While Linda and Pink eventuallyrepaired their friendship,

professionally, theywent their separate ways.


Linda became of the most sought-after producers

in pop music.

Working with a diverse list of hit makers, including Courtney

love, Alisha Keys, James Blunt, and Gwen Stefani.

♪ Still a super hot female

♪ You got your milliondollar contract ♪

When Linda is in the studio,that's her natural habitat.

That's where shecan do anything.

And that's where I thinkshe's the most comfortable

in her skin.

She has this uncanny knackof channeling the artist.

She can take on this artisticpersona and write them

a song that they can'twrite for themselves.

Which is a very, very rare gift.

I'm not great at music.

I'm not.

I'm good at it, butI'm not great at it.

What I'm great at is helpingother people learn how

to create who they are.

That's what I'm good at.