• Season 1, Ep 3

Shaunie Lets Shaqir Plan His 13th Birthday

Will Shaqir plan his perfect birthday party, strippers and all? Find out on Shaunie’s Home Court, airing at a new day + time Monday August 1 + 9:30/10:30c only on VH1!

07/24/2016 · 1:39






Shoot, what the...Go, go!

I think you shot mein the boob.

Shaqir just shot mein the boob.

Back up!

Shaqir.Speaking of Shaqir,

I think I'm gonna let himplan his own birthday party.

Oh, lord.

(Shaunie)I tend to let all the kids,

once they get to 13,plan their parties.

Some kids have bar mitzvahsand what have you.

In O'Neal household,we just have a big,

huge 13th birthday party.



So, I was just tellingDear and Auntie Cori

that I'm allowing you to planyour own birthday party.

Yes!It's about to be lit.

(Dear)What do you mean?

You gotta explain"lit" to Dear.

"Lit" is, it's kind of slangkids use, as like "fun."


You know what "fun" means?

No, I don't.What does it mean?

It means "lit."


So, you're gonna go withKeyonna and your brothers,

and I'm gonna leave itup to you guys.

Okay.Can he have what?

Here we go.How old are you?

No strippers.Let's knock that out right now.

Strippers will notbe involved.

Absolutely not,Not happening.

Be responsibleand be appropriate.


Thank you, Mom.

You can go backto your Nerf game.

Love you!

I love you too.

I don't know what yougonna do with him.

I've heard it all.

I will beat him first.

I will too.I'll close the party down.