• Season 3, Ep 5

Natalie and David Hit It Off

Upon their first meeing, David has Natalie laughing and the chemistry between them is obvious.

07/21/2016 · 2:08

>> I wanted to hang out with

David last night.

But he was having his time with

Sarah, and I really don't want

to know what Sarah and David did

last night.

I want to be excited about

today, but I'm just really

nervous and terrified 'cause I

really have no idea what's

coming around that corner.


>> How you doin'?

>> Good.

What's your name?

>> David

>> I'm Natalie.

>> Natalie?

>> Yeah.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> David is the first guy to

walk out to me and kiss me on

the cheek, and I was just like


Where you from?

>> I live in New York.

I live in New York City.

But, erm, my family is from

South America.

So I lived in South America my

whole life pretty much.

>> That is awesome.

>> I definitely don't walk

around naked in New York City.

That's for sure.

I'd probably get deported.

Especially if Trump is

President, I'll be--he'd

definitely deport me.

>> I'd marry you so you wouldn't

get deported, don't worry.

>> Well, I'm a US Citizen, so

you don't have to marry--

>> Well, now I'm all confused.

You see--

>> Well I'll get married--we'll

get married anyway.

I would consider myself

stupidly charming in terms of I

say stuff that doesn't really

make sense and it's, like, kind

of a joke, but not really.

It's like surprisingly charming,

I guess you can say.

Not stupidly charming.

Surprisingly charming.

>> What's your sign?

>> My sign is Taurus.

>> Mmhm-hmm.

>> You want to hear something


>> Yes.

>> So when my dad first came to

this country, he would go up to

girls, he'd look into their eyes

and like "Hey, what is your


So it was his pick-up line.

>> So I just reminded you of

your dad?

>> You just reminded me of my

dad in some way, shape or form.

Yes you did.

Not shape!

Definitely like--

>> That's hilarious.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> David has gorgeous hair, the

stubble beard that I love, and

he's from South America so he's

a little exotic, which is cute.

Oh! I just want to bite him.


How old are you?

>> I'm 24.

>> 24? I'm 24.

>> You're 24?

>> NATALIE: Yeah.

>> No way.

>> We clicked right away.

This day is going to be such a

great day.

I don't even care if we're

reading books to each other.

I am going to have fun.

Are you ready to start our first


>> DAVID Let's do it.

>> Okay. Let's go.

>> All right.

>> ♪