• Season 5, Ep 15 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 5 Episode 15: Can You Handle What You Dish Out?

Tommie recaps her conversation with KK while Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime relive the moment Karlie learned about Lyfe Jenning's baby mama.

07/18/2016 · 5:13


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The scene you're about to see isme going to ballet

and getting some... woosa.


Well, you look a littleprofile with the hat.

I mean I did it fora month before this.

I really just seen itand I liked it,

and I said I'm a ballerina.

Whatever I see, and I like, andI do, like, I'm a fast learner.

So, now I'm a ballerina.

(instructor)One close in front.One close in back.

Look at KK.


(bleep) is ridiculous.

Are you excited for me?No, I'm not.

KK plays this role, like,she be turnt up with me.

I'm lit right now, bitch.

Stop playing thisgranny grandma (bleep).

Like, you ain't, uh,Miss Patty Perfect.


Are you drunk?

(huffs) A little bit.

Of course I'm drunk, bitch.You know I'm drunk.

I never told youabout (bleep) L.A.

It was a lot went down.

Well, what the(bleep) happened?

The Puerto Rican idiot,Joseline, she like,

"we havin' a pool party.

"Wear something sexy,just come ready to swim."

All of thisbull (bleep), right?

It ain'tno pool party.

I walk in it'sonly her and Stevie

on some freaky (bleep).

KK gonna size me up 'cause inthe back of her mind

she thinking,"yeah right, bitch.

You probably(bleep) them both."

Next morning I wake up,

so I get a phone callto the room

and it's (bleep) Stevie.

He like, "I'm hereto offer myself to you.

"I heard you talkingabout the music

and you know I'mthe best in the game, uhhh."

Hour later, here comesJoseline calling.

So, I'm just like,"oh, yeah, you know Stevie

um, came down to myroom this morning."

She like, "what?

What he came to yourroom for, y'all (bleep)?"

(impersonating Joseline)"So what he wasdoing in your room?

So, what, what y'allwas talking about?"

Next morning, bom-bom-bom,another knock on the door.

I'm expecting Stevieor (bleep) Joseline.

I go to the door, it's mother(bleep) nine at the door.

I'm like,"what the (bleep)."Who the (bleep) is nine?

What I shoulda said twelve?What I shoulda said po-po?

What I-- Jakes?Uh, alphabet boys?

Bitch, you know every code,stop it!

So, they lookingall around, in closets,

under bed (bleep)nobody's here.

Nobody knew my room numberbut this girl.

It's gonna be a bad (bleep) daywhen I run into that bitch.

She gonna beat trialevery time with that face.

She acting likeshe ain't never been nowhere,

like she don't know who the(bleep) I'm talking about

and why I'm saying it.

I can't deal with all this(bleep),

I gotta deal with Scrap.

I miss my baby.

You understand?

And I feel like you're actinglike a goddamn fool

because he's gone.(sobbing)I'm going crazy.

He did it, like, he (bleep)messed up everything.He (bleep) us up.

Like, you really gonna (bleep)with Karlie Redd.

Like, (bleep) got me(bleep) up.

He didn't even careabout my feelings in this.

You were acting outso (bleep) bad.

You need to see somebody,get some help.

'Cause I love you, Tommie,

but you're killing mewith the (bleep).You're killing me.

The voice of reason, or whateverthe hell you want to call her,

she knows howto dampen a day too.

The next scene you're about tosee is another reason

why men can not be trusted.

(both screaming)

Look at my boo!What's up?

Oh, yes!

I can't front though.

I give creditwhere credit's due.

That's a badass(bleep) photo shoot.

I have somebodyI want you to meet.Bianca.

I got a little "T" to drop onthis bitch and she is not ready.

She was the one who, like,

helped me justconfirm everything.

And this is India.

Hi.Hey, Karlie.

You've met me before.Where?

At Lyfe's house.

I met you before? Where?

When you was strippingfor me at Magic City?

There was a reason whyI didn't come over there.

'Cause he hadmy homegirl pregnant

at the time.

So, you're pregnantright now?

Karlie, you know that littlegirl with that flat ass stomach

ain't pregnant right now.

Who is you foolin', Karlie?

We can give y'all a moment,like, 'cause this personal.

Can I? Yeah, let metalk to you by yourself.

So, y'all been (bleep)?

Me and Lyfe?Yeah.

What you mean"have they been (bleep)?"

The baby is here.It's his baby.

She spit it out.How you think they get the baby?

... about Lyfe!No, I'm not gonnabelieve that (bleep).

Honestly, I don't really careabout telling you, but

I mean ifyou want to know.

You care about telling meto come today?

If you wanna know--I didn't ask you to come here.

This is the DNAright here.

This is the mostthirsty ass bitch ever.

Probability ofpaternity: 99 point...

Probability of...The bitch ain't lyin'.

She really gota baby by Lyfe.

This mother (bleep).

For you to bringa paternity test,

that's real(bleep) thirsty.

That's finebut it's known now.

That's true!

Karlie just hit...

You know what?!Karlie just hit this girl.

This bitch mistakingmy kindness for my weakness.

I'm kind to everyone.

But weakness is not a wordyou will use to describe me.

Come and beat my ass.

Oh, my God.

(Karlie)You're thirsty.

I mean Karlie always bringingback bad news

and bringing news to everybodyelse, so, I figured,

hey, she's be ableto handle it.

She dish it out.