• Season 1, Ep 5

Dating Naked | Episode 105 | Sneak Peek

Thinking that she had made a connection with Mike, Diana takes it really hard when she finds out she didn't.

08/14/2014 ยท 1:56

with people thatwe weren't into.

Candace and I could tell that itwas going nowhere with regards

to JD and Diana.

What do you do afternaked swimming?

You want to, yeah?Yeah.

Excuse us fora second.

We'll be right back.

So, you and Mike,

you seem to like,vibe on the same level?

I guess we don't.

Like, he could havesaid something.

Just to leave with someone isjust messed up.

I just don't get it.

Like, -- that...

I just couldn't bear thatboringness anymore.

It was literally antsat a picnic.

Let's leave themdown there, yeah?

Yeah, like I know I'm notgoing back down there.

Candace and I want to spendas much time together

and that's whatwe're going to do.

Do you think that there reallyis the one or do you

make someonethe one for you?

I know that, um, like,

relationships reallytake work.


If you can't grow together,what do you have?

Too deep?Too deep for the hammock?


I think among other things,

my feelingsare definitely growing.

It's really the making ofa perfect night.

I was dumped for some like,butch chick

with no boobswho's ugly in the face.

You know, it's just kind ofhurtful when like,

you think you foundthat and then apparently,

like, they go off and theyhook up with someone else.

It's just the storyof my life.

It's not some guy I justmet on like, two dates or...

Want me to beat him up?

I just-- It's not about him.

It's just this alwayshappens to me.

It happens to meevery day of my life.

That's why I'm single.

It's just like, oh, people arelike, "Oh, why are you single?"

Oh, because no one takesme seriously.

That's exactly why.

Forget everything that'sgoing on around us.