• Season 5, Ep 16

Shaunie Doesn't Think Duffey Brought Anything To The Table

The ladies are reunited for the first time since the explosive Portugal trip. Last season Shaunie didn't want Brandi back. This season she's ready to give Duffey her pink slip. Tune in to the reunion Sunday + 8/7c!

10/19/2016 ยท 2:31

- Shaunie, people want to know

what made you bethe first person

to step up and apologize?

That was very big of you.We were all very--

- Because I was so over it.

Like, okay, what can fix thisat this moment?

We don't have an invested,close girlfriend relationship.

Sometimes I tendto just brush it off.

It comes across like,I guess, a little bitchy.

I could see where she was comingfrom, but it's not personal.

It's just, like,I didn't feel like Brandi

and I were that close.- You're just over it.

- And I was over it.

- Correction:I was over it from the jump,

and people kept comingto me about it,

so it wasn't thatI was pressed like a panini.

It wasn't--I wasn't pressed.

It was just peoplekept coming to me,

and I got sick and tired of it,and it was just like,

"Yo, like, chill, bro.Like, chill.

I'm tired of talkingabout this over and over."

- At vh1.com you mentionedthat after the season ended,

you didn't want Brandito come back.

- Did I say that?- Yes.

- Mm-hmm.- I could have said that.

- Well, I--maybe I'm readingtoo much into it.

- Wait, wait, wait--- You said,

"I did not want herto come back," so...

- Oh, wait, wait,I said that when?

- I don't have the dateright here.

- So I didn't want herto come back that season.

- For the--for the--yeah.- That is very true.

- Right.- Yes.

- And you weren't interested

in Duffey coming back either.

- You mean next season?- Yeah.

- That is very true.

crowd: Ooh.

- Talk to us about that.Why?

- I just don't think Duffey

brought much to the showand this cast.

I think Duffey was carried.

You know, there were thingsthat happened

that you were involved inbecause someone involved you.

Like, Tami's daughterwas making a video.

That involved you.Like, I don't think--

- I--I was the one who said,"Let's do a video."

- But let me clarifythat I've been a part

of the "Basketball Wives"franchise

for about sixor seven years now,

so my storyline was gonna exist

whether Duffeywas a part of it or not.

My daughter was alwaysgonna do her music,

always gonna do her video,

always gonna do everythingthat we did anyway.

I didn't need to have Duffeya part of my situation.

I was trying to dothe best thing for the show.

- And I didn't need youfor my situation.

- I--I kind of disagree.- I came on this show

to share my storyas a single mother...

- I kind of disagree.- Who is doing well

in a male-dominant field.

Sorry me being a successfulblack female in this world

was not interesting enough.

Me fighting with youover a music video was.

- And you may be--you--- It just wasn't on the TV.

- The thing that you do a lotis try to--

- That's the real.

You can either accept it or not.

I have a story,and I have a life.

- You try to convince the world

that you're this phenomenal DJ.Let me just say that--

- I am phenomenal.- No, what I--

no, what I'm saying is--- Everything about me

is phenomenal.Phenomenal woman, that is me.

- I think that you're goodat what you do.

Don't buck,'cause if I knuck,

then we gonna have a problem.